The Three Key Requirements of Quality Content Writing

web content writingIn old times, a skilled public speaker was defined by three qualities: his ability to teach, delight, and move the people he was talking to. Things are pretty much similar with content writing, because the Web copy you use on your Website or post on your blog acts like a mouthpiece.

To be impactful and effective, your content writing needs to fulfill these three conditions. Let’s examine each of them.


Your online visitors come to your virtual doorstep with a purpose. They’re trying to find out whether you have something they need or not. Maybe you don’t. Or maybe you do, but your product, service, or answer to their question is not visible enough. It may be somewhere on a high shelf where it can’t be reached or hidden in a box in the basement. You need to do something about that, and find a way to help your visitor/prospect easily get what he/she came for.

Therefore, to be meaningful, your web content strategy should tell potential buyers about your offering, instructing them in an intuitive and friendly way about the benefits of your product or service. Avoid sophisticated and technical specifications, and use clear and to-the-point language instead.

This does not mean that you should omit your expertise in a particular field. But it’s important to find a common language for both the specialist and the regular potential buyer. Let the former know that he/she can inquire for further details if interested, while at the same time encouraging the latter to find out more about what you’re offering.


The second condition that should be fulfilled in order to create enticing content writing that attracts people to your Website or blog is the ability to offer a pleasant experience. There are Websites that catch visitors’ eye with their design, but if this is not backed by attractive content, guests are very likely to slip through your fingers before you actually have the chance to show them what you can do for them.

To appeal to people, content writing needs to be fresh, lively, and juicy, while at the same time substantial and relevant for a particular topic and target audience. Delight and entertainment rely largely on the element of surprise and novelty. So it’s essential to update your Web content regularly if you want the place to look alive and inviting. Also, try to hook and retain visitors’ attention with surprising and innovative content.


Last but not least, influential and powerful content depends on the capacity of effectively moving people. There are marketing techniques that appeal to consumers’ emotions to influence their buying decisions. Conveying this in terms of content writing, there is nothing wrong with trying to appeal to people’s emotions with the purpose of moving them to act in a particular direction, so long as you are transparent about your goals and offering.

Consequently, your web content writing, which is a fundamental aspect of your online marketing strategy, should pay attention to visitors’ and potential buyers’ emotions. What are they looking for? Value? A sense of belonging? Gratification? Reliability?

Take the time to identify the emotional profile of your target audience, and then see if your Web content responds to their emotional needs. If it doesn’t, it’s time to reassess it and write your Web copy with these new insights in mind.

Remember, quality content writing can really boost your business, provided that it fulfills the three basic requirements discussed above. If you manage to teach, delight, and move your visitors, you are likely to increase your chances of turning them into prospects and – why not – loyal customers.


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