Look! A Press Release Example!

press release examples
Here you can find a press release example that should guide you through writing a good press release. Good press releases will help you to publish your work online or through publications such as magazines. When writing press releases, keep in mind that the shorter, the better and that the tone of the writing should be official, and in the third person. All the pertinent data should be included, usually in the first paragraph of writing. This can be used as a general template, since there is not much creativity involved in writing press releases.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [This should be in all caps, and flushed left at the top of your press release. If you want to publish your work at a later time, put HOLD FOR RELEASE UNTIL… then specify a date that you want it published]

HEADLINE [Again, this should be flushed to the left, and in bold letters. Pick a suitable headline for your press release. Press release examples typically have boring headlines, so get creative but make sure that you backup your headline with facts. Also, include your selected keywords in the headline so that search engines will find it and rank it higher.]

City, State/Country-Month, Day Year [This information will put your press release into context and will help orient the reader to it. This must not be forgotten because press releases without dates can’t be verified readily by readers, journalists and reporters.]

Body [This is where the actual press release goes. It should be more than one paragraph, however, it must not be too lengthy. A paragraph should not be more than a few sentences. If the press release does not fit in one page, write “more” at the bottom of the page.]

Company/Organization Information [It should be mandatory to place these information at the end of the body of your press release. If possible, include a few sentences about the highlights of your company so that readers will know that the source of information is credible. If you are writing on your own, include a short biography of yourself. However, do not sound like you are selling yourself or your company too much. Again, the tone of the writing here is key.]

Contact Information [This is where you put the ways in which the reader can reach you. Place your company address, email address, telephone number and possibly even a twitter account here so that readers can remain up to date with the latest information. If your company has a Facebook page, include that as well. Do not, however, put your personal Facebook page here, as this will make the press release seem to informal.]

ENDS or ### [Here is where you indicate the end of the press release. It is okay to put ### after the contact information. This section should be in bold or capitalized letters. This is the formal way of doing it, so that your press releases become credible sources of information.]

(xxx words) [In this last part of your press release, you can include the number of words that you used, if you want to. Again, this will make your press release more credible, and alert publishers about the exact length of your press release.]


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