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Look! A Press Release Example!

press release examples
Here you can find a press release example that should guide you through writing a good press release. Good press releases will help you to publish your work online or through publications such as magazines. When writing press releases, keep in mind that the shorter, the better and that the tone of the writing should be official, and in the third person. All the pertinent data should be included, usually in the first paragraph of writing. This can be used as a general template, since there is not much creativity involved in writing press releases.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [This should be in all caps, and flushed left at the top of your press release. If you want to publish your work at a later time, put HOLD FOR RELEASE UNTIL… then specify a date that you want it published]

HEADLINE [Again, this should be flushed to the left, and in bold letters. Pick a suitable headline for your press release. Press release examples typically have boring headlines, so get creative but make sure that you backup your headline with facts. Also, include your selected keywords in the headline so that search engines will find it and rank it higher.]

City, State/Country-Month, Day Year [This information will put your press release into context and will help orient the reader to it. This must not be forgotten because press releases without dates can’t be verified readily by readers, journalists and reporters.]

Body [This is where the actual press release goes. It should be more than one paragraph, however, it must not be too lengthy. A paragraph should not be more than a few sentences. If the press release does not fit in one page, write “more” at the bottom of the page.]

Company/Organization Information [It should be mandatory to place these information at the end of the body of your press release. If possible, include a few sentences about the highlights of your company so that readers will know that the source of information is credible. If you are writing on your own, include a short biography of yourself. However, do not sound like you are selling yourself or your company too much. Again, the tone of the writing here is key.]

Contact Information [This is where you put the ways in which the reader can reach you. Place your company address, email address, telephone number and possibly even a twitter account here so that readers can remain up to date with the latest information. If your company has a Facebook page, include that as well. Do not, however, put your personal Facebook page here, as this will make the press release seem to informal.]

ENDS or ### [Here is where you indicate the end of the press release. It is okay to put ### after the contact information. This section should be in bold or capitalized letters. This is the formal way of doing it, so that your press releases become credible sources of information.]

(xxx words) [In this last part of your press release, you can include the number of words that you used, if you want to. Again, this will make your press release more credible, and alert publishers about the exact length of your press release.]


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4 Ways in Which Effective Press Release Writing and Distribution Can Help You Grow a Powerful Brand

press release writing

Influential, accurate, original, reader-oriented Web content is a key element guaranteeing your success in the long term in any field of activity. Whether you are trying to promote your new line of eco-friendly detergents, your recently-launched dating service, or you are simply trying to announce the whole world that you’ve improved your dental implant technology, press release writing is the way to do it. In fact, high-quality press releases highlighting the greatness of your achievement in an entirely objective manner have a long list of benefits. Here are 4 of the most important ways in which these essential content pieces can help you grow a powerful brand and put some distance between you and some of your fiercest competitors.

1)     Enhance the visibility of your business
Press releases give journalists food for thought. Reporters who are always desperate to get their hands on some of the hottest, trendiest, most important subjects will use information provided by a press release, as long as it’s accurate, unbiased, useful, and tailored to the real needs of an audience. Extensive media coverage would enable you to profit from significant popularity increases to bring your new brand, organization, product, or service under the spotlight and ultimately to increase your revenues fast, effortlessly, and with a minimal investment.

2)     Affirm your supremacy in your niche
These days, you can easily exceed the efforts of the competitors who, for some reason or another, refuse to profit from truly accessible tools and services designed to support their natural evolution. Press release writing, for instance, offers you the chance to make your message heard, to brag about your most recent achievements, and to gain the trust of a larger segment of people who might be interested in buying your products. Also, this will help you gradually become a trusted expert in your niche, regularly interviewed by reporters covering your domain and always envied by your rivals who got left behind.

3)     Draw a considerable number of potential clients
In this case, the mechanism is quite simple; press release writing enables you to enhance brand recognition and client engagement. In other words, this type of content helps you earn the trust and the respect of your potential buyers.

4)     Attract powerful investors to consolidate your business
More than 80 million people rely on different online sources of information that end up influencing their buying decisions to a certain extent. While it seems obvious that not all of these 80 million individuals living in different parts of the globe might be interested in your new products or services, a few of them could be potent investors constantly looking for new business opportunities. Press release writing services describing your recent success, your new breakthroughs, or the implementation of a revolutionary product or service could help your company get noticed, allowing you to find the ideal investment partners that you’ve been looking for all along.

Undoubtedly, high-quality press release writing and effective PR distribution services represent valuable assets for all business owners who hope to win big by attracting investors and drawing more clients. Press releases deliver all of these advantages and more while requiring a negligible investment, compared to the long-lasting benefits ensured by well-written content pieces.

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5 Common Press Release Writing Mistakes That Could Compromise Your Reputation

press release writingA press release has a standard, recognizable format and is crafted and distributed to help you define (or redefine) your position as an industry expert to promote your new products, events, services, and improvements in a highly convenient manner while allowing you to profit from highly beneficial media exposure. Things seem pretty clear, so what could possibly go wrong when it comes to press release writing? Believe it or not, numerous inexperienced content writers make more than a few embarrassing mistakes while trying to come up with a good press release for a particular client. Read on to discover some of the gaffes novices make, and learn how to avoid them.

1) Fabricating facts

This is one of the worst mistakes writers can make while trying to come up with an exceptional press release, which would capture the attention of a larger number of journalists and media channels. Don’t ever try to fabricate facts or accentuate the attributes of your new products and/or services. Be honest and transparent at all times and try to present all facts in an entirely objective manner. Do not share biased information, as it will most likely be ignored by experienced reporters. Also, boost your credibility by backing up all of your statements with hard numbers, allowing you to prove a point.

The bottom line: Stay true to yourself and distribute only 100% accurate, verified information to avoid embarrassing surprises that could end up compromising your credibility in the long term. 

2) Making your press release sound like a sales pitch 

The main goal of high-quality press release writing is to get that 10% of the public (industry experts, editors, and journalists) on your side, encouraging them to communicate your message to a wider audience. Some content writers neglect this fact and make their press release sound like an extremely boring, predictable sales pitch, trying to talk people into doing something. Don’t fall into this trap. Make sure your press releases are informative, truly useful, and display no-nonsense content.

3) Not opting for the inverted pyramid structure 

Keep in mind the fact that you write for busy journalists who have a nose for news. They aren’t willing to waste time on facts that aren’t newsworthy. This is why it is extremely important to opt for the inverted pyramid structure when it comes to press release writing. The essential information (and the most important keywords relevant to your business) should be placed in the first paragraph for maximum impact on your audience.

4) Neglecting the crucial importance of the mandatory “about” section

Assuming that your new accomplishment has already managed to capture the attention of many editors, are you prepared to answer additional questions? Do your main recipients know where to find you in case they want to know more about your buzz-worthy achievement? Numerous content writers seem to disregard the vital importance of the “about” section placed at the end of your press release. A short bio will help journalists discover essential details about your company in a time-effective manner.

5) Opting for a dull, messy, unappealing, extremely long title 

A press release that does not benefit from a short, concise, attention-grabbing title will most likely be rejected by reporters and editors who are constantly looking for exciting topics that could be received with great enthusiasm by a larger segment of the public. A dull, flat headline will get you nowhere and will most likely compromise all of your hard work.

Avoid these 5 common mistakes and always remember that practice makes perfect. If you need a helping hand when it comes to press release writing, count on an experienced content writer with the skills, the in-depth knowledge, and the expertise required to bring you one step closer to the free media exposure that you’re hoping to get.

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3 Differences between Press Release Writing and Advertisement Writing

press release writing

These days, the battle for supremacy in any field of activity is fought on overcrowded digital markers, and high-quality Web content in the form of landing pages, press releases, and blog posts offers any business a much-needed competitive advantage. All of these instruments have their own particularities, despite the fact that they serve the same end goal set by all company owners: bigger revenues correlated with an enhanced online visibility and maximized client engagement in the long term. In this context, is there a noticeable dissemblance between press release writing and advertisement writing? Of course there is! Read on to spot the 3 essential differences between these two concepts and come up with a correct, successful content market strategy for your brand.

1)     Press releases attract free publicity while advertisements require a financial investment

Why do you write press releases in the first place? You write them to make an important announcement. Perhaps your company is about to launch a new product or service, to organize a prestigious event, or to implement an innovative technology. Either way, you want to make the most of extensive media coverage without breaking the bank to support your goal. Press releases give you access to free publicity by bringing your new achievement into the public’s attention.

On the other hand, advertising requires an allocated budget and forces a company to pay for the amount of ad space considered necessary. Moreover, while a press release offers you no control over the way in which your information will be interpreted and incorporated by journalists in their articles, a paid ad gives you all of the creative authority that you need in order to make your message heard when you want it and, most importantly, how you want it.

2)     Press releases and ads have different lifespans

Your paid ad can be in the center of everyone’s attention for a long period of time. In fact, you can promote it on different media channels for as long as you see fit. When it comes to press releases and their highly beneficial, cost-free publicity, things are very different. You can only submit one press release announcing one achievement. This type of Web material has a short life span, taking into account that respectable journalists will include it only once in their articles, while it’s “hot” and newsworthy.

3)     Press releases inform, paid ads persuade people to act in a certain manner

A well-written press release offers a considerable amount of information on a new event, product, service, organization, or brand and it is crafted by content writers who want to create buzz around a certain company and make it stand out. In other words, press releases inform, but do not try to talk people into testing a new service, buying a newly launched product, or subscribing to a newsletter. On the contrary, people who read an advertisement are fully aware of the fact that the company that paid for it is trying to sell them something. Press releases including a call-to-action component are considered low-quality material and are usually ignored by journalists. Moreover, a press release written and distributed to manipulate the targeted audience, which sounds pretty much like a paid ad, will most likely impact the brand behind it, compromising its credibility and affecting its popularity and profit margins for a considerable period of time.

Press releases and paid ads are two different, extremely powerful tools used by companies all across the globe to enhance their influence and their profit margins. If you want to grow the online presence of your company fast and cost-effectively, high-quality press release writing services are your best option.

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What to Look for in Professional Press Release Writing Services

press release writing servicesDespite the fact that the rise of the internet has changed a lot of things about how we promote our businesses, there’s one method for getting the word out that remains as effective as ever – the press release. Press releases are breaking announcements that are sent out to journalists and press outlets in order to spread  worthy news about a given company, product, service, or event. They also help prevent the spread of misinformation because of the way they provide an official source that can be referred to for confirmation if need be.

If your company or website hasn’t yet explored the benefits of issuing press releases in tandem with major announcements, then it’s high time you considered it for the impact such releases can have on your bottom line. Today’s best press release writing services can help! Here’s what to look for.

Loads of Experience

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a web content provider capable of writing great blogs or effective web pages is also going to be good at writing press releases. Press release writing requires a completely different skill set altogether, not to mention a thorough understanding of the strict standards press releases need to meet in order to be accepted by major press outlets. That said, make sure the press release writing services you’re considering come from qualified providers with plenty of experience in writing this type of content in particular. Ask to see relevant work samples, especially samples that promote  a company or product similar to your own.

A Solid Track Record

Nothing prepares you for a working experience with a given company or individual quite like the experiences of the customers who came before you. Ask the provider for references you can follow up on in regards to the effectiveness of their press release writing services and then actually make it a point to contact those people. You might ask if there’s anywhere you can go online to view testimonials from satisfied customers as well.

The Extent of the Service

Before deciding on a specific provider of press release writing services, you should make sure you’re well aware of what’s included as part of the package. Is the provider willing to provide edits and desired revisions on the press releases or do those cost extra? Do they submit finished and approved releases to press outlets on your behalf or is that part of the job up to the client to complete for himself? Some providers will include these services as part of the packages, but others won’t. Make sure you’re clear on what you’re actually getting for your money before signing on the dotted line in order to avoid disappointment.

Ability to Grow into the Future

If you think your company will have an ongoing need for expert press releases into the future, then you should perhaps considering hiring a writing team to handle them, as opposed to a sole provider. Writing teams will naturally have more individuals of varying skill sets on staff to help meet your needs. They’ll be better equipped to handle needs like rush orders, special requests, or bulk content needs as well. The best press release writing services come from providers that can really move mountains. Explore your options with today’s best writing teams today!

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