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4 Ways in Which Effective Press Release Writing and Distribution Can Help You Grow a Powerful Brand

press release writing

Influential, accurate, original, reader-oriented Web content is a key element guaranteeing your success in the long term in any field of activity. Whether you are trying to promote your new line of eco-friendly detergents, your recently-launched dating service, or you are simply trying to announce the whole world that you’ve improved your dental implant technology, press release writing is the way to do it. In fact, high-quality press releases highlighting the greatness of your achievement in an entirely objective manner have a long list of benefits. Here are 4 of the most important ways in which these essential content pieces can help you grow a powerful brand and put some distance between you and some of your fiercest competitors.

1)     Enhance the visibility of your business
Press releases give journalists food for thought. Reporters who are always desperate to get their hands on some of the hottest, trendiest, most important subjects will use information provided by a press release, as long as it’s accurate, unbiased, useful, and tailored to the real needs of an audience. Extensive media coverage would enable you to profit from significant popularity increases to bring your new brand, organization, product, or service under the spotlight and ultimately to increase your revenues fast, effortlessly, and with a minimal investment.

2)     Affirm your supremacy in your niche
These days, you can easily exceed the efforts of the competitors who, for some reason or another, refuse to profit from truly accessible tools and services designed to support their natural evolution. Press release writing, for instance, offers you the chance to make your message heard, to brag about your most recent achievements, and to gain the trust of a larger segment of people who might be interested in buying your products. Also, this will help you gradually become a trusted expert in your niche, regularly interviewed by reporters covering your domain and always envied by your rivals who got left behind.

3)     Draw a considerable number of potential clients
In this case, the mechanism is quite simple; press release writing enables you to enhance brand recognition and client engagement. In other words, this type of content helps you earn the trust and the respect of your potential buyers.

4)     Attract powerful investors to consolidate your business
More than 80 million people rely on different online sources of information that end up influencing their buying decisions to a certain extent. While it seems obvious that not all of these 80 million individuals living in different parts of the globe might be interested in your new products or services, a few of them could be potent investors constantly looking for new business opportunities. Press release writing services describing your recent success, your new breakthroughs, or the implementation of a revolutionary product or service could help your company get noticed, allowing you to find the ideal investment partners that you’ve been looking for all along.

Undoubtedly, high-quality press release writing and effective PR distribution services represent valuable assets for all business owners who hope to win big by attracting investors and drawing more clients. Press releases deliver all of these advantages and more while requiring a negligible investment, compared to the long-lasting benefits ensured by well-written content pieces.


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3 Types of Web Content That Could Compromise Your Online Reputation

quality web content


Your website is a weighty bridge between your brand and your potential buyers. In fact, the aesthetics and the functionality of your web page are two essential elements influencing the popularity and profitability of your online business. Quality web content plays an important part in this equation, guaranteeing your supremacy in your line of work in the long term. It’s no secret that original, helpful, meaningful ideas draw a significant number of visitors looking for pertinent answers to some of their most pressing questions. On the other hand, low-quality content writing can get you into a lot of trouble, impacting your online reputation and your revenues in the long term. When it comes to content for your website, one thing’s for sure: it is always preferable to put quality over quantity. Here are 5 types of web content that you should avoid at all costs:

1)     Dull, uninspiring, flat web content

Whether you are trying to launch your new line of antibacterial soaps, promote your high-end car dealership or make your targeted audience fall in love with your Japanese restaurant and create buzz around it, you need premium web content to support your goals. In other words, your ideas should inform, entertain, delight and persuade your readers into doing something (test your soaps, buy your cars, check out your restaurant and tweet about it, and the options are endless). Flat, boring web content will get you nowhere and it represents a mere waste of time and money.

2)     Web materials with no call-to-action

You might have what it takes to elaborate a beautiful story supporting your brand, but are you also a skilled Internet marketer? Do you know your audience and can you find out exactly what your online visitors want to see on your webpage? Do you count on a solid business background, enabling you to make the smartest decisions when it comes to enhancing the online visibility of your product? Do you know how to stimulate the interest of your potential buyers and make them act in a certain manner? If you’ve come up with a bunch of negative answers to all these questions, think about going in favor of professional content writing services. An experienced writer will offer you unlimited access to first-class web content with a powerful call-to-action, bringing you closer to all your marketing goals. Web content which fails to influence your readers is worthless and does not contribute to your business success.

3)     Duplicate content

Make no mistake: lack of originality will cost you a great deal. If you still think that “borrowing” a few ideas from your main competitors is a healthy, inoffensive business practice allowing you to save time and money, then you should shift your perspective 180 degrees as soon as possible. You must have heard about Google’s Penguin update. Google penalizes sites promoting duplicate content, created and distributed to drive more traffic and manipulate search engine results. The Penguin update was implemented to ensure a 5-star web experience for Internet users, prevent web spamming techniques and enhance the online visibility of websites that actually distribute high-quality web content. In this content, it goes without saying that copy-paste strategies are a major no-no and original, inspirational, creative ideas tailored to the needs of your segment of readers are the key to bigger profits and a flawless online reputation.

If you don’t have what it takes to create business -savvy marketing strategies built on first-class web content, take the easy way out: opt for professional content writing services and witness spectacular results in no time.

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The Ultimate Web Content Guide: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Online Influence

five ways

At this point in time, online buyers are overwhelmed by the great variety of “innovative”, “accessible”, “revolutionary”, “amazing”, “over-the-top” products and services launched by various brands constantly fighting for supremacy and struggling to attract a larger number of potential buyers. In this context, what’s the fastest, most effective way to surpass the efforts of your main competitors? Check out 5 rapid, risk-free ways to boost your online influence and put some distance between you and your fierce rivals once and for all.

1)     Deliver first-hand, original, inspirational web content

High-quality content should be the core of your marketing strategy. Without this central piece, you stand no chance in front of Internet savvy online business owners who are fully aware of the fact that useful, engaging, pertinent, regularly updated information is the key to success in any digital environment. So start embracing a problem-solving attitude and distribute meaningful content according to:

a)     Your business objectives

b)     The needs of your audience

c)     The particularities of your niche


2)     Convert your buyers and staff members into devoted brand evangelists

Are you interested in finding the best spokesperson for your online business? Why settle for one, when you can have thousands? Make the most of tools, techniques and strategies enabling you to convert your clients into enthusiastic brand evangelists who will help you promote your line of products or services in a truly effective manner, spreading credible marketing messages and helping you draw new customers in a time and cost-effective manner. Your employees are the best brand evangelists one could ever hope for! Cultivate their loyalty and encourage their active participation to boost the influence of your online company fast and effortlessly.

3)     Improve your communication skills

Be sociable! Create premium web content and learn how to share it with others in an ideal manner, on influential social media platforms, on your website, your personal blog and even on guest blogs. Your followers will appreciate the uninterrupted content flow, not to mention the fact that an active online presence will enable you to increase your influence in your niche. Dig a little deeper. Create and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with important influencers in your line of work. They will help you by:

a)     Sharing your content

b)     Including links to some of your most relevant posts to promote your content

c)     Asking you to be their guest blogger and write useful guest posts, which would allow you to enhance your online visibility


4)     Share the good, the not so good and the weird

Regardless of how expensive, reliable or luxurious your product might be, don’t try to hide it under the mask of absolute perfection. Perfection isn’t real; once you affirm that your product is flawless you instantly compromise your own credibility. Be honest with your public; tell them the good news. Talk about major problems that you’ve had to overcome in your line of work, blog about weird facts and current challenges and humanize your web content to get the targeted audience on your side.

5)     Earn the trust of your followers by being consistent

Whatever you do, as soon as you see the tiniest signs of progress, be consistent. If a particular web content strategy triggers favorable results keep using it. Consistency displayed in many ways (regular blog posts, the same writing style and tone, high-quality web content always considered a top priority) will help you earn the trust of your readers and boost your online influence sooner than expected.

Are you struggling to grow the online presence of your company? Count on professional web content writing services and find the best answer to your problem in record time, without burning holes in your pockets.

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How to Find the Most Suitable Content Writers for Your Website

experienced content writerCreating and distributing top-rated web content can be a rather difficult and time-consuming assignment for most business owners, who would rather focus their entire attention on other important tasks. In this case, professional services ensured by skilled, experienced content writers are the most adequate option at hand. Here are a few tips on how to spot the most suitable candidates for this job; those who will put their creativity, passion, originality and expertise at your disposal, enabling you to attain all your marketing goals and witness major improvements over a short period of time.

 What are the main particularities of excellent web content?

Whether you sell Indian food, high-end designer clothing items or accessible auto parts, you need content for your website that is engaging, original, with an inexhaustible flow of accurate, recent, pertinent information and a much-appreciated personal touch (that unique approach that makes your brand, products or services truly stand out). All in all, high-quality materials for your website, delivered by first-class content writers should:

1)     Inform, educate and entertain your audience

2)     Boost sales and help you increase your profit margins substantially

3)     Turn visitors into regular clients and enhance reader engagement and brand awareness

4)     Provide meaningful content for every website section, based on your needs, requirements, objectives and also according to what your readers would like to read on your website

5)     Highlight the unique attributes of your brand/line of products, your vision, your motto and your purpose in business in an entirely creative manner, to help your readers identify themselves with your brand.


Why should I opt for services provided by a writer specialized in web content?

There is a big difference between freelance writers who play by the rules set by the traditional media and content writers who understand the mechanisms of some of the most complex digital environments. People who read newspapers, books and other types of printed materials over a cup of coffee have the time, the patience and the willingness to read and re-read the information over and over again. On the other hand, people looking for information online are seldom eager to surf the Internet for hours and stay on one page for more than a few minutes. Their attention span is limited; this is precisely why you need content writers with an engaging writing style, who know how to captivate the attention of your online visitors, put them under their spell, and ultimately convert them into regular buyers.

Moreover, a printed text does not require optimization. A skilled, experienced content writer will always make the most of verified, effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices, making sure that all your web texts display an ideal amount of keywords and are ranked on the first pages in search engine results. All in all, the structure and the content of your webpage should be entirely user-friendly and easy to scan. There is one more thing that you should take into consideration before interviewing your candidates. They should offer you a complete mix of professional services, including content writing, proofreading, SEO support, brand positioning, extensive research, personalized strategies insuring a fast, natural growth, social media management and anything else you might need in order to take your online business to the next level, on time and on a budget.

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3 Ways in Which You Can Deliver Flawless Content Writing – When You Have Nothing (New) to Write

vintage contentTo be honest, who isn’t forced to deal with writer’s block at some point? In such cases, whether you have a blog or you own a small or medium-size online business, you simply run out of inspiration, or you have the distinct feeling that everything that matters in your field of activity has been said, written, done, questioned, debated and proved over and over again. Don’t let this episode impact your content writing skills in the long term. Here are a few tips showing you how to come up with ingenious, appealing, useful materials and raise the interest of your readers – even when you don’t count on an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

1)    Write a hilarious post in which you describe one of the most surprising problems encountered in your line of work

Stimulate the curiosity of your followers by taking a different approach. When you have nothing new to write, think about an old, funny story that might interest your readers. Try to talk about a less-common problem experienced at some point, and don’t forget to mention a few effective exit strategies that were taken into consideration. This unconventional method of cultivating the engagement of your readers will work for any type of online business (grocery store, plumbing company, auto parts manufacturer) as long as your story has substance and you can count on excellent content writing skills. In the end, the goal is to promote your company by linking the funny story to your service page in a logical, creative manner.

2)    Write an extremely useful FAQ section

In order to keep your readers close, you have to create and share meaningful content regularly. However, there comes a time when you start questioning your content writing skills, when you think that you’ve already written everything there is to know about your products, and when you simply can’t expand on a new, exciting topic somehow related to your purpose in business. In such cases, an FAQ roundup is highly beneficial, enabling you to offer accurate, valuable answers to some of the most pertinent questions that might trouble your followers, potential clients, and even your main competitors. Create an informative FAQ section and then link it to your relevant products and services to increase their online visibility.

3)    Listen to the voice of your devoted readers

Not listening to the needs, issues, concerns, and suggestions of your readers will cost you, no matter how inspiring and influential your blog might be at this point. Learn how to appreciate and cultivate the feedback of your readers. In most cases, your own followers can offer you some of the most valuable sources of inspiration. For instance, let’s assume that you have a fashion blog and you have recently created an “outfit of the day” type of post. Some of your readers might leave a comment and ask you to share a detailed makeup tutorial, giving you an idea for another great blog entry. So the lesson is this: Always be sociable and learn how to interact with your readers in order to enhance the popularity and profitability of your business in the long term. Link the new post to older content pieces, as long as there is a connection between your entries.

If your writer’s block seems to be a permanent problem impacting your productivity, think about professional content writing services. After all, a new vision and a superior set of business writing skills could be the perfect solution to your problem – and the safest method to harness the curiosity and interest of your potential clients.

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Web Content Writing and the Paradox of “Dumbing it Down”

Why writing on the 3rd-grade level is both effective and inaccurate. dumbing down web content Now, we know that sounds harsh, but the old axiom of “always write for a 3rd-grade reading level” holds true in Web content writing just as well as in other forms of copywriting. No one likes to feel like they’re insulting their readers’ intelligence, but it works. So why is it recommended to write as if your readers are buffoons? (Hint: The answer isn’t, “Because they are.” At least, it’s usually not.) There are many reasons why writing Web content “for the dunce-cap” is the preferred and proven most-effective method of getting your point across. Today we’re going to explore just a few of those reasons and explain to you that it may not be about intelligence at all, but about accessibility, and the mind of the modern Internet user.   Stop thinking “dumb” and think “accessible” Accessibility in your content is the single most important factor in getting readers to stick with your website. First and foremost, the “3rd grade” analogy is based on the fact that not everyone speaks English as well as you do. This isn’t a slight on “native” English speakers who can’t be bothered to learn the rules of apostrophes, commas, or common homophones (Although, seriously people. The rules of your vs. you’re aren’t that hard to grasp, really.), but merely an observation that the Web and its content are international tools. Not everyone who views your content will necessarily speak English at the same level as you, and you should be aware that if you want your Web content to be universally appealing, it has to be able to be understood by readers with only a basic fluency in the English language. The “3rd-grade reading level” benchmark is the gold standard for this, but if you’re anything like me, I don’t really recall what my reading level was like in the 3rd grade, so perhaps it would be good to break this down a little more, in terms that are more relevant to you and your customers.

1. Who are your customers? A great way to begin thinking about how you should be writing is to begin with the customers you already have. Who are they? Are they largely Ph.D.-holding professors who spend their days at a particle accelerator or curing diseases? If the answer is yes, you can probably ignore this entire article. But more likely, your customers run the gamut from math teachers and nurses to servers and supermarket employees. Give yourself a target audience – friends of friends, based on the general demographics of your current customer base, and let them read your Web content. How easily they follow your content will prove to be a barometer for the rest of your audience.

2. What brings customers to your site? Why do your customers go looking for the type of content you’re producing, anyway? In short, if you are currently getting customers who found you on the Web, what led them to your site? A simple customer survey, or even an informal, “I’m always curious, what led you to our website?” when appropriate can help you find the answer to this question. Look at the content you have already in place that addresses their specific situation. This content is now provably effective, and you can use it as the standard for content in other areas as well, hopefully gaining more searchers and more customers.

3. What kind of questions do they have? Though you should always try to be thorough (with an eye toward brevity, as no one likes walls of text) when writing Web content, it’s impossible that you’ve answered every question. When a customer comes to you with a question that they couldn’t answer on your website, that’s an opportunity for you to develop new content that addresses that question. Of course, many times your customers will have questions that could have been answered in your Web content, but he or she either couldn’t find the content or didn’t understand it. This is also an opportunity for you to revisit your site layout and existing content and see if you can find a way to revamp it to be more accessible. Bring your “test audience” to your website as well and tell them to look for questions that they cannot answer from your Web content alone.

To be sure, the “3rd-grade” axiom is a tried-and-true method, but it doesn’t work for everyone – many people find that their existing audience will express disappointment if content becomes “too basic.” If this begins to happen to you, it’s a good idea to visit (or revisit) the above methods to establish a baseline for your audience. The best way to write content that is appropriate for your audience is to determine which parts of your content they “get” today, and bring the rest of your Web content in line with those most successful pieces of your website.

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The Ins and Outs of Killer Web Copy

web copy

If you’re currently in the process of fully harnessing the power of today’s online technology to help take your business to the next level, then you’re in excellent company. Whether you’re building a website, putting together some excellent landing pages, or leveraging the powers of social media marketing to your advantage, you’re certain to be pleased with the difference the internet’s reach can really make as far as your best services and products.

However, the best products, the snazziest websites, and the most beneficial services in the world are far from all you need to be successful in all your endeavors. Ultimately, it’s going to be the words attached to your sales pitch that convince people to take action and converts curious visitors to buying customers. You’ll need effective web copy in order to do that. Here’s how to make sure that’s exactly what you’ve got.

Keep It Focused

If you’re writing your own web copy, make sure you resist the urge to go off on too many personal tangents. Ultimately, your customer isn’t coming to your website to learn about your own point of view on what you have to offer. They want to know in no uncertain terms what your products and services can do for them. That said, make sure you keep things sales oriented at all times. Be concise as well. Get to the point sooner rather than later.

Appeal to the Emotions

Regardless of what you’re offering, it’s important to realize that an important part of a customer’s decision to go with your company lies in how well you’re able to appeal to their emotions. Let your web copy shine by painting a vivid picture of the superior life the customer will be living thanks to your product. Is it one of convenience or wealth? Will they be thinner, better looking, more successfully, or more appealing to the opposite sex? Now is the time to tell them all about it.

Unflinching Call to Action

All web copy has an objective in mind – an action you would like the reader to complete once they’re finished reading your words. Maybe you want them to sign up for your company mailing list or actually click through to a sales page where they can buy your product. Whatever it may be, see to it that the main body of your pitch prepares the customer to complete the action. Then close by urging them to actually do so. Provide them with a relevant link to follow if necessary.

Back Up Your Claims

No one wants to feel like they’re all alone when it comes to a decision they’re making. Assure your targeted clientele that they’re far from alone when it comes to their yearning to try your product or service by including glowing testimonials from other satisfied customers. Positive product reviews are also a good idea, as they reassure customers that they’re getting a good deal, and are an excellent way to close a web copy piece.

When in Doubt, Outsource

If producing effective copy on your own sounds like too daunting a task for you, you can always consider outsourcing to a crack-shot writing team that specializes in excellent web copy you can trust. Today’s best writing teams consist of experienced, trained, engaging professionals that can really help put your product in the best possible light. Look into your options today!

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Gaining Local Traffic: How To Boost Your Web Content In Local Search Results

Last year, 4.7 million searches were typed into Google’s search engine bar on average, daily.  The trend for the past four years has been a 100%+ growth in this search amount every year.  What does this mean for you and your business?  In short: you have an excellent target market for just about any product, niche or service, right at your fingertips, growing daily.  It’s available.  You just have to tap into it.  Remember, your web presence is as only as good as the time, effort and investment you place into it.

The Phone Book Is Out: Google Is In.

Rumor has it the yellow pages aren’t doing so well anymore.  Since today is a world of convenience, more and more people find it easier to type in “Uniontown PA handyman services” than to actually flip through a phonebook and find it.  So it only makes sense that you start focusing on your potential local web visitors than placing ads in the yellow pages.   But how should you start targeting those hundreds of potentials customers searching your service keywords every day?   Here’s  a list of the top 5 things you should focus on locally for your local web content and Internet presence.

#1: Google Places.  Have you registered your location on Google Places?  If not, it’s time to.  Set it up at Google Places for Businesses. Here’s a few quick pointers: when you set it up, take some time to fill out all your information.  Put some of your keywords in the description.  Add pictures of your business, coupons, product details, and anything else to attract local customers.

#2: Use Local Keywords In Your Web Content. Including local keywords in original written web content pages is essential, since “content is king” with Google’s new updates.  Remember, keep that local web content fresh and original: you don’t want any stray spam pushing your website further down.  The more original pages you have, the better: and the longer the word count (500+) the better, too.

With the new Google updates, we cannot ask this enough: does your local content provide quality for readers?  Or is it another spammy, keyword focused page sitting in Google’s millionth search result?  Just remember: Ask not what Google can do for you, ask what you can do for Google.  (Yes, we like to play on famous unforgettable catchphrases of history at times).  Well-written content from an original pen will score you huge favors with Google ranking.

#3: Get Listed In Directories.  This is a big factor in ranking for local search results.  When you list your website in directories, you can get solid links that will improve your rankings and boost your site in local search engine results.  Here’s a list of a few: Yelp, CitySearch, Yahoo! Local, DMOZ, Business.com, and of course the essentials like Google and Bing.  View the top 50 at Hubspot’s Blog.

#4: Publish a Press Release. Since a press release showcases your location and targets local SEO news results, this is an excellent tool to boost your local search engine rankings.  Make sure your press release gets written around a local keyword for best results.  Almost any business can utilize a press release: it doesn’t have to feature news, but it could be as simple as an eloquent “About” feature for your business, product or service.   

#5: Global Services & No Headquarters?  Still, target local keywords.  Chances are the very clients who would buy from you online are looking for your service and a local keyword.  Fitting local searches could mean better business for you than an actual local business.  Why?  You get to target as many local keywords as you want and go big for an even bigger response.

Contact Express Writers today for web content writing, press release writing & publication, and directory submission services.

SEO News for September 2012:


“How I Smacked Google Penguin In It’s Ugly Little Beak”


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4 SEO Must-Reads: Why You MUST Join Google Plus, Google Panda’s Replacement Penguin, & More


He’s only scary if you’ve avoided quality website content.

SEO MUST-Read #1: Google Plus Matters.   Could your Google Plus account potentially be the key to achieving better traffic and a preferred placement with Google?  Harvard Professor Ben Edelman has some very interesting comments to say regarding Google Plus—comments that have created a buzz in the blogosphere.  Even CNET’S SEO blogger, Larry Dignan, had a featured post about what Professor Edelman had to say.  What was his comment?  “I perceived that Google would grant my site preferred placement–more algorithmic traffic–if I linked my Google Plus account to my web site and online publications.”  By embedding Google + into their search results, Google is not only getting their alternative to Facebook noticed: they’re saying you have to join if you want better search results.  It’s time to join Google Plus – not because it’s a fun new social media site, but because it’s necessary for better website rankings.

SEO MUST-Read #2: It’s Google Penguin time.  Out with the Panda…in with the Penguin.  (It’s a pattern…Google must really like those black and white animals.)  Our last few newsletters centered on Google Panda 2.5.  Just a few days ago (in early May), we discovered that Google had released a newer algorithm change, which included over 50 changes to the way their search engine works, and they’re calling this the Penguin update.  However, the Penguin changes haven’t been fully applied to the powers of the search engine yet, and we’re not sure when it will happen.  But if you want to know the full list of changes Google came out with in April, you can read it here (prepare for a huge list in small black and white font).

SEO MUST-Read #3: Backlinking is outdated.  That’s correct: link juice isn’t so big anymore.  Doesn’t mean you should drop the locals you’ve hired and quit all your backlinking efforts!  No, PageRank still matters.  But Google is simply getting smarter.  Your PageRank doesn’t go up overnight just by backlinking alone.  It used to bewhen search engines saw that a thousand links were pointing to your website, they automatically assumed your website was important and ranked it high.  Now, Google is getting smarter.

SEO MUST-Read #4: Re-strategize around SEO content.  Google’s new frown on link placement will definitely hurt a lot of businesses, who get their customers from the links they’ve placed (and not using the talents of a native Indian, but through a lot of costly time and work).  Link placement is the life juice to a small business with a web presence.  So what can small businesses do to recover?  “Re-strategize your SEO around quality content,” CNBC experts are saying.  You need as much content as you can.  And it doesn’t have to be all hosted on your website, either: you can publish content through social media (Facebook posts, twitter, Youtube), press releases, guest blogs, and much more.   Don’t forget…Express Writers can create any kind of web content you’re looking for!


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3 Secrets of How to Rank Your Website Content On Google’s First Page

Getting ranked on the first page of Google with your website content for your keyword is a huge accomplishment.  It could mean unlimited new visitor (and if you’re a business, potential sale) opportunities.  The task of getting to Google’s number one page with your website content, for your keyword, varies according to your competition, website age, popularity (PageRank), and SEO investments.

If you search online, hundreds of self-proclaimed “gurus” are announcing that they have the key to get your website content on Google’s first page…within the hour.  While it IS actually true that Google works inside 60 minutes, it isn’t true that all of these gurus are actually SEO geniuses.  It’s more common that Google will take a week or two (or maybe 3-4) to crawl and find your website and its website content, then rank it number one for your keyword.

Secret #1: PageRank.  Your Google ranking is based on your PageRank, or PR, that Google sets you at.  PageRank can go from PR0 to PR10.  Sites with a PR of 0 are considered very low quality and will rarely be ranked high by Google.  On the other hand, it is very hard to get to a 10, and if you’re at 4 or 5 that’s considered excellent.  The average is around 2-3.  Check your website PageRank for free.

Secret #2: Backlinks.  So, you’re probably wondering, what makes up a PageRank?  Three main things: (1) your website content itself (the quality, relevance and quantity of each page on your website), (2) age of your website (the longer you’ve been around, the better), and (3) the number of links that go back to your website, or backlinks.  Think of backlinks as roads that lead straight to your website.  These little paths, a simple hyperlinked keyword that goes back to your website, can be in the form of an article that has your website link in it; a friend posting your website link on Facebook; a comment on a blog with a link to your website.  The more backlinks with your keyword, the more roads with destination signs leading straight to your website.  Not only that, but you need high quality roads.  A backlink placed on a PR0 site will actually hinder you.  Backlinking must be done by someone who knows the process, can choose the right sites, and will work in your benefit.

Secret #2: Articles, Articles & More Articles.  If you search how to increase your Google rank, there’s no avoiding this fact.  Writing informative articles around your keywords and posting several every day has the potential to rank your website as high as it will go.  Article submission is one of the longest and most proven methods to get the highest pagerank possible.  Fresh, new website content updated every day improves your rankings, since Google re-crawls your website several times a month (or week).  Besides that, fresh web content constantly added to your site will attract new readers, give you an advantage above your competition (you’re always staying on top of relevant material), widen your marketing efforts (reach anyone with an RSS feed), and inspire others to link back to you.  Voila!  Backlinks, quality, and quantity, all in one.  Well-written articles and website content could potentially be your best source to get a higher PR.

Contact us today for quality writing (and additional SEO backlinking) services!


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