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3 Types of Web Content That Could Compromise Your Online Reputation

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Your website is a weighty bridge between your brand and your potential buyers. In fact, the aesthetics and the functionality of your web page are two essential elements influencing the popularity and profitability of your online business. Quality web content plays an important part in this equation, guaranteeing your supremacy in your line of work in the long term. It’s no secret that original, helpful, meaningful ideas draw a significant number of visitors looking for pertinent answers to some of their most pressing questions. On the other hand, low-quality content writing can get you into a lot of trouble, impacting your online reputation and your revenues in the long term. When it comes to content for your website, one thing’s for sure: it is always preferable to put quality over quantity. Here are 5 types of web content that you should avoid at all costs:

1)     Dull, uninspiring, flat web content

Whether you are trying to launch your new line of antibacterial soaps, promote your high-end car dealership or make your targeted audience fall in love with your Japanese restaurant and create buzz around it, you need premium web content to support your goals. In other words, your ideas should inform, entertain, delight and persuade your readers into doing something (test your soaps, buy your cars, check out your restaurant and tweet about it, and the options are endless). Flat, boring web content will get you nowhere and it represents a mere waste of time and money.

2)     Web materials with no call-to-action

You might have what it takes to elaborate a beautiful story supporting your brand, but are you also a skilled Internet marketer? Do you know your audience and can you find out exactly what your online visitors want to see on your webpage? Do you count on a solid business background, enabling you to make the smartest decisions when it comes to enhancing the online visibility of your product? Do you know how to stimulate the interest of your potential buyers and make them act in a certain manner? If you’ve come up with a bunch of negative answers to all these questions, think about going in favor of professional content writing services. An experienced writer will offer you unlimited access to first-class web content with a powerful call-to-action, bringing you closer to all your marketing goals. Web content which fails to influence your readers is worthless and does not contribute to your business success.

3)     Duplicate content

Make no mistake: lack of originality will cost you a great deal. If you still think that “borrowing” a few ideas from your main competitors is a healthy, inoffensive business practice allowing you to save time and money, then you should shift your perspective 180 degrees as soon as possible. You must have heard about Google’s Penguin update. Google penalizes sites promoting duplicate content, created and distributed to drive more traffic and manipulate search engine results. The Penguin update was implemented to ensure a 5-star web experience for Internet users, prevent web spamming techniques and enhance the online visibility of websites that actually distribute high-quality web content. In this content, it goes without saying that copy-paste strategies are a major no-no and original, inspirational, creative ideas tailored to the needs of your segment of readers are the key to bigger profits and a flawless online reputation.

If you don’t have what it takes to create business -savvy marketing strategies built on first-class web content, take the easy way out: opt for professional content writing services and witness spectacular results in no time.


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Google Panda 2.5: What It Is, & Why You Need Quality Web Content Now More Than Ever

The Google Algorithm update is the subject of conversation in the SEO world of web content these days.  And it’s no small talking matter.  Named Google Panda 2.5 by the Google engineers, the Google Algorithm change has affected both positively and negatively large websites and their businesses.  It has profited those who were using quality web content without too many repeated keywords; and it has negatively impacted those who were using recycled, perhaps even plagiarized web content packed full of SEO terms on their website.


But What Exactly IS Panda 2.5?

If you’re the average reader, you’re going to want to know just WHAT this “Panda” thing really is.  It’s a cute name for a very powerful change that Google has made to their algorithm.  You see, their search engine all depends on an “algorithm” to work.  Think of it like some complicated law of physics or a formula from that mind-boggling calculus class.  Just like ax2+bx+c=0, so a bunch of different factors give you the web content you see on the first page of Google when you type in a search term.  When you see those search results on page one, it’s the result of Google’s algorithm.


Why Do I Need Quality Web Content Especially Now?

Great, so we know that Panda 2.5 is the name Google has stuck to their fancy new algorithm change.  But how does it influence you as a website owner?   Why do you need quality web content now more than ever before?


The changes done to Google’s algorithm directly targets the vitality of authoritative, original content for every website.  And if you want to succeed, you’ll need to match what Google expects of the web content they’re putting on page one.  Commonly, website owners would spin content and simply paraphrase an article, then post it as web content to their site for better search engine placement.  This isn’t going to work anymore.  Google wants to keep out those who have poor web content with duplicate wording or recycled content.


We’ve gone to several other blogs and websites of those who are old pros on the Panda changes in Google.  What they all say points to these leading factors.  If you follow these steps, you will have a great chance of success in reaching the top results in Google with their new Panda 2.5.


  • Consolidate your old web content and keep what is valuable
  • Add fresh, original and non-duplicate content to your site
  • Place new content on every page, never re-use content
  • State only credible, researched facts
  • Have a good quality of writing (good grammar and flow)


The importance of a quality writer to create the right web content for you is now more important than ever.  Find the web content services you need at Express Writers today.




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