5 Common Press Release Writing Mistakes That Could Compromise Your Reputation

press release writingA press release has a standard, recognizable format and is crafted and distributed to help you define (or redefine) your position as an industry expert to promote your new products, events, services, and improvements in a highly convenient manner while allowing you to profit from highly beneficial media exposure. Things seem pretty clear, so what could possibly go wrong when it comes to press release writing? Believe it or not, numerous inexperienced content writers make more than a few embarrassing mistakes while trying to come up with a good press release for a particular client. Read on to discover some of the gaffes novices make, and learn how to avoid them.

1) Fabricating facts

This is one of the worst mistakes writers can make while trying to come up with an exceptional press release, which would capture the attention of a larger number of journalists and media channels. Don’t ever try to fabricate facts or accentuate the attributes of your new products and/or services. Be honest and transparent at all times and try to present all facts in an entirely objective manner. Do not share biased information, as it will most likely be ignored by experienced reporters. Also, boost your credibility by backing up all of your statements with hard numbers, allowing you to prove a point.

The bottom line: Stay true to yourself and distribute only 100% accurate, verified information to avoid embarrassing surprises that could end up compromising your credibility in the long term. 

2) Making your press release sound like a sales pitch 

The main goal of high-quality press release writing is to get that 10% of the public (industry experts, editors, and journalists) on your side, encouraging them to communicate your message to a wider audience. Some content writers neglect this fact and make their press release sound like an extremely boring, predictable sales pitch, trying to talk people into doing something. Don’t fall into this trap. Make sure your press releases are informative, truly useful, and display no-nonsense content.

3) Not opting for the inverted pyramid structure 

Keep in mind the fact that you write for busy journalists who have a nose for news. They aren’t willing to waste time on facts that aren’t newsworthy. This is why it is extremely important to opt for the inverted pyramid structure when it comes to press release writing. The essential information (and the most important keywords relevant to your business) should be placed in the first paragraph for maximum impact on your audience.

4) Neglecting the crucial importance of the mandatory “about” section

Assuming that your new accomplishment has already managed to capture the attention of many editors, are you prepared to answer additional questions? Do your main recipients know where to find you in case they want to know more about your buzz-worthy achievement? Numerous content writers seem to disregard the vital importance of the “about” section placed at the end of your press release. A short bio will help journalists discover essential details about your company in a time-effective manner.

5) Opting for a dull, messy, unappealing, extremely long title 

A press release that does not benefit from a short, concise, attention-grabbing title will most likely be rejected by reporters and editors who are constantly looking for exciting topics that could be received with great enthusiasm by a larger segment of the public. A dull, flat headline will get you nowhere and will most likely compromise all of your hard work.

Avoid these 5 common mistakes and always remember that practice makes perfect. If you need a helping hand when it comes to press release writing, count on an experienced content writer with the skills, the in-depth knowledge, and the expertise required to bring you one step closer to the free media exposure that you’re hoping to get.


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5 Reasons Why You Need a Copywriter to Develop and Consolidate Your Online Business

copywriter for your buisness 

Have you ever wondered what truly separates thriving companies attracting millions of buyers from similar enterprises operating in the same sector, which fail to record any profit and are constantly threatened by bankruptcy? While the quality of their products is definitely an important piece of the puzzle, it goes without saying that the attributes (and benefits) of a certain commodity can and will pass unnoticed in the absence of a proper marketing campaign. Of course, a successful marketing plan is based on fresh, original, mind-blowing, relevant, 100% accurate web content, and all of it created, edited, improved and delivered by a skilled copywriter. Why is it so important to hire a copywriter and why couldn’t business owners write their own life-changing copy? Here are 5 excellent reasons why an experienced copywriter will always represent a valuable asset for any type of business.

First reason:  Copywriters put things into a different perspective

You might be skeptic when it comes to hiring a copywriter; lots of business owners are. After all, who knows the unique particularities of your products better than you do? Who would be interested in promoting them in a flawless manner, if not their own manufacturer? Unfortunately in this case, the greatest motivation and in-depth industry knowledge are never sufficient in regards to writing excellent, compelling copy. An experienced gifted copywriter has the skills, the tools and the techniques required to put your commodities into the spotlight and make them buyable. After all, it’s safe to say that excellent copywriting relies on a studied skill displayed by real professionals operating in this line of work.

Second reason: It’s hard to find a good mix, as copywriting isn’t plain writing, nor is it literature

Would you  be willing to rely on legal representation ensured by an attorney who is not familiar with the legal framework in your state? Would you call a plumber who doesn’t have a clue about pipe systems problems, when your basement looks more like a swimming pool? Would you really be willing to write your own copy, knowing that it would probably fail to capture the attention of your potential clients? Copywriting isn’t plain writing. At the same time, great copy has nothing to do with literary attempts. In fact, according to Demian Farnworth from Copyblogger, literary writers can seldom be considered successful copywriters, mainly because opulent, artificially embellished texts rarely convince your audience to act in a certain manner.

Good copy should be concise, compelling and 100% clear. At the same time, its essence should be intriguing, catchy and truly memorable. Indeed, excellent copy requires a mix of essential elements which is hard to find; so do your best to find a great copywriter sharing your vision, who could easily put your products, services or brand on full display, in a cost and time-effective manner.

Third reason:  Excellent copywriting can help you sell big

Let’s analyze the main difference between literary attempts and great copy. Literature entertains and educates the reader, while first-class copy, delivered by a real professional, creates a story that sells. Bottom line, well-written content highlighting the unique attributes of your brand and commodities will help you separate yourself from your main competitors, attract new potential clients, create a solid identity and ultimately sell big in the long term. So if you aim to increase your profit margins, stop cutting corners and rely on a talented, experienced copywriter who can create compelling texts for your website, brochures, ads, press releases and every other promotion method you could think of.  Good copywriters know the secret to attracting potential buyers and are not afraid to use it to your advantage.

Fourth reason: Great copy is a clever long-term investment involving minimal expenses

You don’t have to invest millions of dollars in unique, appealing web content to witness traceable improvements. As a matter of fact, seductive, goal-oriented copy is considered a great investment in the long term, allowing you to

a)     Attract more buyers

b)     Enhance brand awareness

c)     Improve conversion rates

d)     Promote your products and services in an effective manner

e)     Build a solid online identity and (re)affirm yourself as a leader in your niche

While you’re counting on excellent web copy, some of your most ambitious marketing goals become attainable. Hire a copywriter and start turning dreams into reality, on time and on a strict budget.

Fifth reason: Copywriters have the knowledge, the skills and the tools required “to make it happen”

When you count on professional services ensured by a great copywriter, all you have to do is to set objectives. A copy expert knows exactly which buttons to push, to make your audience tick. Moreover, copywriters are like a nosy neighbor. They know exactly what your competitors are up to, follow market trends religiously and can anticipate new ones, analyze and embrace new technological breakthroughs and fabulous tools, while also being ready to pull out their pens and create meaningful copy, turning visitors into regular buyers.

All in all, it seems obvious that your business success depends a great deal on fresh, compelling, inspiring web content. Don’t waste any more time and rely on the services of a good copywriter, to profit from significant popularity increases and maximized profit.

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3 Differences between Press Release Writing and Advertisement Writing

press release writing

These days, the battle for supremacy in any field of activity is fought on overcrowded digital markers, and high-quality Web content in the form of landing pages, press releases, and blog posts offers any business a much-needed competitive advantage. All of these instruments have their own particularities, despite the fact that they serve the same end goal set by all company owners: bigger revenues correlated with an enhanced online visibility and maximized client engagement in the long term. In this context, is there a noticeable dissemblance between press release writing and advertisement writing? Of course there is! Read on to spot the 3 essential differences between these two concepts and come up with a correct, successful content market strategy for your brand.

1)     Press releases attract free publicity while advertisements require a financial investment

Why do you write press releases in the first place? You write them to make an important announcement. Perhaps your company is about to launch a new product or service, to organize a prestigious event, or to implement an innovative technology. Either way, you want to make the most of extensive media coverage without breaking the bank to support your goal. Press releases give you access to free publicity by bringing your new achievement into the public’s attention.

On the other hand, advertising requires an allocated budget and forces a company to pay for the amount of ad space considered necessary. Moreover, while a press release offers you no control over the way in which your information will be interpreted and incorporated by journalists in their articles, a paid ad gives you all of the creative authority that you need in order to make your message heard when you want it and, most importantly, how you want it.

2)     Press releases and ads have different lifespans

Your paid ad can be in the center of everyone’s attention for a long period of time. In fact, you can promote it on different media channels for as long as you see fit. When it comes to press releases and their highly beneficial, cost-free publicity, things are very different. You can only submit one press release announcing one achievement. This type of Web material has a short life span, taking into account that respectable journalists will include it only once in their articles, while it’s “hot” and newsworthy.

3)     Press releases inform, paid ads persuade people to act in a certain manner

A well-written press release offers a considerable amount of information on a new event, product, service, organization, or brand and it is crafted by content writers who want to create buzz around a certain company and make it stand out. In other words, press releases inform, but do not try to talk people into testing a new service, buying a newly launched product, or subscribing to a newsletter. On the contrary, people who read an advertisement are fully aware of the fact that the company that paid for it is trying to sell them something. Press releases including a call-to-action component are considered low-quality material and are usually ignored by journalists. Moreover, a press release written and distributed to manipulate the targeted audience, which sounds pretty much like a paid ad, will most likely impact the brand behind it, compromising its credibility and affecting its popularity and profit margins for a considerable period of time.

Press releases and paid ads are two different, extremely powerful tools used by companies all across the globe to enhance their influence and their profit margins. If you want to grow the online presence of your company fast and cost-effectively, high-quality press release writing services are your best option.

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How to Make Your Copywriting Engaging by Using Storytelling

copywriting storytellingWhat you do when you write content for your Web site to describe, promote, and sell your product or service is called online marketing, right? As a copywriter or Web site owner writing your own content, your efforts are channeled toward making your copy as effective as possible. In copywriting terms, effectiveness is directly proportional with conversion rate. That means selling a product, securing a membership registration, getting your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, download your software download, or do something else.

How do you achieve that? The simple answer is: by using storytelling. Marketing is about facts, storytelling is about stories. Facts are useful, but easy to forget unless they are served in a more appealing form. What happens between clicks is critical. That split second that separates one click from the next is decisive for your product’s fate. It’s either a click-through or a click-away. If you manage to seize your visitors’ attention, they might click-through, otherwise they’ll flee like a hunted deer.

What’s the Difference Between Facts and Stories? Again, Conversion Rate.

A story will not only secure you more browsers, but actually increase your conversion rate. How can you use storytelling in your copywriting? Brandon Yanofsky gives you a hand in A Crash Course in Marketing With Stories by enumerating the main elements you need in order to have a story that can help you convey your marketing message in a convincing way.

You can find these elements in all stories, one way or another, so once you know what they are and learn how to adjust and adapt them to writing Web content, your copywriting will definitely become more impactful. If you do it right. So, what is a story made of?

1. Every Story Has a Protagonist

If you want a story, you need a main character or protagonist. Everything that happens in the story revolves around him or her. Moreover, the audience identifies with the protagonist, which is essential to stimulate people’s interest and engagement. If your readers can’t empathize with the main character, they are unlikely to understand your message. The protagonist of your story needs to become your readers’ hero if you want your story to work. Who’s the hero of your marketing story?

2. Bad is Good for Your Story

Yes, it all boils down to that classic pattern: the fight between good and evil. And like in all fairy tales, the good is supposed to prevail, eventually. But before that you need conflict to make your story move on. So, who’s Bad? Who is your Good Guy fighting? There has to be something that prevents him/her from attaining his/her goal. By making your hero overcome hardships and defeat the enemy, you consolidate the connection with your audience, and earn their loyalty. Who’s the bad guy in your online marketing story?

3. There’s No Hero without Action

People aren’t moved by stories with geeky, passive, unassuming characters. Unless the geek turns out to be a superhero, which is often the case if you think of superheroes, for instance. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, they all lead a double life, where their alter ego is completely different from their regular self.

If you want a captivating story that keeps people awake, you need a hero that is actively involved in defeating his enemy. A hero who spends his time on the couch, watching a fight in his favorite TV series, is no hero. To become a hero, he needs to be in the fight. And win it. There’s nothing worse than boring your readers/prospects. You undermine your chances of creating successful copywriting before you even get started.

4. Action Means Plot

A story keeps people engaged because things happen. Good things, bad things, surprising things. To qualify as a story, your content needs a plot. Every story has three parts: a beginning, where you meet the hero; a middle, where the hero gets into trouble defending his cause; and an end, where the hero wins the fight, gets the girl and the money, and everybody lives happily ever after. Somewhere between the middle and the end, the story reaches a peak. That’s the climax, which is essential in keeping readers hooked. Take a moment to answer these questions: Does your content marketing have a plot? Can you put your finger on the parts of your plot? Is there a climax?

5. All Good Stories Have a Moral

A memorable story teaches you something or provides an insight or a solution to a problem. For example, the moral of Little Red Riding Hood is watch out who you trust. Now, apply this to the story told by your content marketing. What’s your moral? What message do you want to convey?

First answer the questions above by keeping in mind what it takes to create a story, and then start writing yours.

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The Ultimate Web Content Guide: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Online Influence

five ways

At this point in time, online buyers are overwhelmed by the great variety of “innovative”, “accessible”, “revolutionary”, “amazing”, “over-the-top” products and services launched by various brands constantly fighting for supremacy and struggling to attract a larger number of potential buyers. In this context, what’s the fastest, most effective way to surpass the efforts of your main competitors? Check out 5 rapid, risk-free ways to boost your online influence and put some distance between you and your fierce rivals once and for all.

1)     Deliver first-hand, original, inspirational web content

High-quality content should be the core of your marketing strategy. Without this central piece, you stand no chance in front of Internet savvy online business owners who are fully aware of the fact that useful, engaging, pertinent, regularly updated information is the key to success in any digital environment. So start embracing a problem-solving attitude and distribute meaningful content according to:

a)     Your business objectives

b)     The needs of your audience

c)     The particularities of your niche


2)     Convert your buyers and staff members into devoted brand evangelists

Are you interested in finding the best spokesperson for your online business? Why settle for one, when you can have thousands? Make the most of tools, techniques and strategies enabling you to convert your clients into enthusiastic brand evangelists who will help you promote your line of products or services in a truly effective manner, spreading credible marketing messages and helping you draw new customers in a time and cost-effective manner. Your employees are the best brand evangelists one could ever hope for! Cultivate their loyalty and encourage their active participation to boost the influence of your online company fast and effortlessly.

3)     Improve your communication skills

Be sociable! Create premium web content and learn how to share it with others in an ideal manner, on influential social media platforms, on your website, your personal blog and even on guest blogs. Your followers will appreciate the uninterrupted content flow, not to mention the fact that an active online presence will enable you to increase your influence in your niche. Dig a little deeper. Create and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with important influencers in your line of work. They will help you by:

a)     Sharing your content

b)     Including links to some of your most relevant posts to promote your content

c)     Asking you to be their guest blogger and write useful guest posts, which would allow you to enhance your online visibility


4)     Share the good, the not so good and the weird

Regardless of how expensive, reliable or luxurious your product might be, don’t try to hide it under the mask of absolute perfection. Perfection isn’t real; once you affirm that your product is flawless you instantly compromise your own credibility. Be honest with your public; tell them the good news. Talk about major problems that you’ve had to overcome in your line of work, blog about weird facts and current challenges and humanize your web content to get the targeted audience on your side.

5)     Earn the trust of your followers by being consistent

Whatever you do, as soon as you see the tiniest signs of progress, be consistent. If a particular web content strategy triggers favorable results keep using it. Consistency displayed in many ways (regular blog posts, the same writing style and tone, high-quality web content always considered a top priority) will help you earn the trust of your readers and boost your online influence sooner than expected.

Are you struggling to grow the online presence of your company? Count on professional web content writing services and find the best answer to your problem in record time, without burning holes in your pockets.

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4 Web Materials Created by Skilled Content Writers to Reshape the Future of Your Online Business

skilled content writerUndoubtedly, your company needs to count on a solid online presence to become truly relevant and competitive in the long term. With so many powerful social media platforms influencing the behavior and the buying decisions of millions of clients worldwide, it goes without saying that a business which does not benefit from an impeccable reputation, a killer website with amazing content and a blog, doesn’t stand a chance in front of its fierce competitors. If you want to broaden your horizons and profit from amazing opportunities, exploit the powerful connection between social networking websites and ecommerce, with help from professional content writers.

Why is web content such a mighty king?

Make no mistake: millions of users rely on Facebook surveys to discover the strengths and weaknesses of a certain product; they tweet about it and some of them even go the extra mile to be truly helpful and share meaningful information about a recently tested commodity or service. This is why digital environments are such an important piece of the puzzle: they influence purchase decisions in a considerable manner.

Discover 4 types of web materials that will help you boost your revenues

In this context, professional services brought to you by a team of respectable content writers are, in essence, allowing you to draw more visitors, convert them into regular buyers and enhance the profitability of your online business. Truth be told, skilled writers with years of experience in this line of work have the power to reshape the future of your online business, by creating and distributing meaningful, creative, inspiring, compelling web materials, including:

1)     Landing pages

If you truly want to impress your targeted audience in the long term, then you will definitely need more than a sophisticated website with jaw-dropping apps and modern design. You will require premium content, describing your purpose in business and highlighting your unique attributes that make your products so special and buyable. Content writers have the skills, the know-how and the expertise required to put the strengths of your business under the spotlight and help your company gain a competitive edge.

2)     Press releases

A great press release has a well-determined structure, an appealing headline and 100% informative, pertinent content. While it might be hard for you to announce the development of your new line of products in a comprehensive manner, content writers know exactly which steps to follow in order to elaborate and publish flawless press releases, enabling you to promote your new commodities or services more effectively.

3)     E-mail newsletters

Crafting appealing e-mail newsletter is a real challenge, even for professional writers. The hardest part is to come up with a clever, original message designed to intrigue the recipients and make them click on your link. Professional content writers will come up with compelling subject titles that will raise the curiosity of your targeted audience, and bring you one step closer to excellent practices implemented by specialists to enhance open rates.

4)     SEO-friendly blog posts

A well-organized, regularly updated blog can help you increase the profitability of your online business considerably, while informing, entertaining and educating your potential clients who are constantly looking for pertinent answers to their most pressing daily questions. A SEO-friendly blog will help you put your brand on full display, earn big and stay in the game in the long term.

So there you have it: excellent services ensured by skilled content writers have the power to enhance the popularity and profitability of your online business. Contact a team of trustworthy specialists and turn your boldest, most creative dreams into reality today.

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How to Find the Most Suitable Content Writers for Your Website

experienced content writerCreating and distributing top-rated web content can be a rather difficult and time-consuming assignment for most business owners, who would rather focus their entire attention on other important tasks. In this case, professional services ensured by skilled, experienced content writers are the most adequate option at hand. Here are a few tips on how to spot the most suitable candidates for this job; those who will put their creativity, passion, originality and expertise at your disposal, enabling you to attain all your marketing goals and witness major improvements over a short period of time.

 What are the main particularities of excellent web content?

Whether you sell Indian food, high-end designer clothing items or accessible auto parts, you need content for your website that is engaging, original, with an inexhaustible flow of accurate, recent, pertinent information and a much-appreciated personal touch (that unique approach that makes your brand, products or services truly stand out). All in all, high-quality materials for your website, delivered by first-class content writers should:

1)     Inform, educate and entertain your audience

2)     Boost sales and help you increase your profit margins substantially

3)     Turn visitors into regular clients and enhance reader engagement and brand awareness

4)     Provide meaningful content for every website section, based on your needs, requirements, objectives and also according to what your readers would like to read on your website

5)     Highlight the unique attributes of your brand/line of products, your vision, your motto and your purpose in business in an entirely creative manner, to help your readers identify themselves with your brand.


Why should I opt for services provided by a writer specialized in web content?

There is a big difference between freelance writers who play by the rules set by the traditional media and content writers who understand the mechanisms of some of the most complex digital environments. People who read newspapers, books and other types of printed materials over a cup of coffee have the time, the patience and the willingness to read and re-read the information over and over again. On the other hand, people looking for information online are seldom eager to surf the Internet for hours and stay on one page for more than a few minutes. Their attention span is limited; this is precisely why you need content writers with an engaging writing style, who know how to captivate the attention of your online visitors, put them under their spell, and ultimately convert them into regular buyers.

Moreover, a printed text does not require optimization. A skilled, experienced content writer will always make the most of verified, effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices, making sure that all your web texts display an ideal amount of keywords and are ranked on the first pages in search engine results. All in all, the structure and the content of your webpage should be entirely user-friendly and easy to scan. There is one more thing that you should take into consideration before interviewing your candidates. They should offer you a complete mix of professional services, including content writing, proofreading, SEO support, brand positioning, extensive research, personalized strategies insuring a fast, natural growth, social media management and anything else you might need in order to take your online business to the next level, on time and on a budget.

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