What Happens When You Don’t Have a Copy Editor?

copy editor

Small businesses work within a tight budget. Personnel often have to hold multiple positions. Marketing budgets are small and the company has to leverage every dime to reach its maximum potential. As a business owner, you may have hired a writer to create all of your marketing content. You may not feel that you need to have an editor as well. If you don’t have a copy editor, how can this impact your business?


It is important to understand the bottom line of not having a copy editor. If a company does not have someone in this position it can lose sales. This can be because the copy written is inaccurate, inconsistent, or not appropriate for the venue. A copy editor can double check content to make sure it is error-free, has the appropriate tone, and is created for the right audience.

If your landing page content does not properly market your company, or if your blog posts don’t encourage readers to take the next step in the sales process, then you are losing prime opportunities to convert leads to customers. While adding a copy editor to your personnel may seem like an unnecessary expense, you actually can’t afford to be without one.

SEO Ranking

Quality content is shared by bloggers, current customers and brand followers. If your blog post is full of errors, people will not share your content. If it looks like the post was created and uploaded in 20 minutes, readers will not see it as valuable. Quality content needs quality writers who have the experience you need and the dedication you deserve to market your business.

But even the best writer can make mistakes. A quality writer needs a quality copy editor to make sure that no mistakes end up being published on the Internet. When they work together as a team, the combination of editor and writers can be powerful for your business and will help you increase your rankings on Google.


Your company’s reputation is currency online and off. You need to make sure that customers and experts in your field have a positive impression about your organization. If you publish content that is not factual, not clear, and is full of grammatical errors, professionals won’t have a good impression about your business.

When everything you say on the Internet stays there forever, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Even if you correct your mistakes later on, the errors are still there and will still have an impact on your company’s reputation. Avoid this issue by having someone review all content before it is published. This will let companies and customers know that you are professional and that you care about your online image.


There are many different ways that you can make a mistake when publishing content on the web. Beyond the obvious spelling and grammar mistakes, there can be missing words or incorrect facts. There are also can be technical issues such as improper formatting, images that don’t line up properly with the text, or hyperlinks that don’t work.

Since everything you publish impacts your reputation, you want to be as error-free as possible. A copy editor helps with formatting style and accuracy of the text. Editors are not just an English teachers looking at whether or not the writer made sure that “I” went before “E” except after “C”. They can also help check make sure that the formatting is correct, all hyperlinks work, any facts that are in the text are accurate, and that the images are the right size and type for publishing.


You want to be consistent when you communicate your company’s products and services online and off. This goes beyond what color should the background of your website be, or making sure that your logo is included in all online content. It is also creating a persona for the business and making sure that all marketing content emphasizes that persona.

In politics, when someone doesn’t speak the party line he or she is said to have gone off the reservation. This means that if the congressman has specific policies and beliefs, all representatives that speak for him should make sure that what they say is in line with those policies and beliefs. If they don’t, it can confuse the public and make people believe that the politician is wavering on an important issue or lying to their constituents.

Businesses need the same kind of consistency as politicians when they are running for reelection and speaking to the public. A company needs to make sure that it has set guidelines about what the company is and what its goals are for the future. A copy editor can make sure that all the content that is published is in line with company goals and policies.

Remote Viewing

No matter who the author is of specific content, he can become attached to what he writes. Whether the creator is a copywriter or the vice president of marketing, he or she can always use a second pair of eyes reviewing what has been written to make sure it is clear, concise, and comprehensible. It is not always easy to be subjective about your own work. Sometimes, the writers see what was meant to say but may not understand that what they have written is not what they had originally thought in their head. A copy editor has no such attachment to the text. He or she can see it with an objective eye and therefore will be able to notice inconsistencies and errors the writer may have missed.

When considering the option of hiring a copy editor, small businesses need to change their thinking. They should not consider whether or not they should hire one, instead they should think about whether or not they can afford to live without one. A copy editor can help increase sales, SEO ranking, improve the credibility of the company, check for inconsistency in errors, and review text with an unprejudiced eye.


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