Content Writing for Social Media: Dos and Don’ts That You Should Take Into Consideration

social media writingSocial media platforms are a powerful tool, allowing millions of people worldwide to develop and expend their own business while requiring a rather insignificant investment. We live in a digital era in which we obey the rules of online communication. Talking turns into chatting or tweeting, and our most meaningful messages are instantly converted into carefully selected, well-organized posts. This transformation shouldn’t be automatic. Not every thought that might cross our minds at some point is worthy to be shared with our devoted followers. Believe it or not, content writing for social media has its own set of dos and don’ts that you should factor in order to boost your online credibility, increase reader engagement, and stay relevant in the years to come.

Let’s start with the DOs

1. Opt for an informal, friendly tone

People use Facebook, Twitter, and various other important social networks to get in touch with their friends, to chat, and to discover fun facts about celebrities, brands, companies, and products that might interest them. Keep in mind that they are not waiting for you to sell them something. Learn how to interact with your followers in a proper manner in order to cultivate customer loyalty. Show your clients that you genuinely care about their thoughts, needs, suggestions, and potential complaints. Encourage their feedback, and your efforts will be rewarded. Go in favor of a friendly tone, enabling you to humanize your brand and attract an increased number of followers over a short period of time.

2. Keep it short and interesting

Always remember that most users are active on the Facebook/Twitter pages in the evening, after a long day at the office. Their patience and their attention span are limited. You wouldn’t want to bore them to death with incredibly long posts, or with irrelevant content that fails to inform and/or entertain them properly. This is one of the golden rules of content writing: Keep it simple. A short, personalized message will be assimilated, commented, and eventually appreciated by a larger segment of the public, while a chunky block of text with no substance will simply annoy your audience.

3. Write with a specific purpose in mind

Plain talking (or, in this case, plain writing) won’t get you far. Do a little research. Find those topics that might truly interest your readers and opt for a unique, client-oriented approach. Can you still be original when everything has already been done before? Of course you can, as long as you put your mind to work. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Every single day will offer you a new opportunity to discover the needs and expectations of your online community, as well as new methods to interact with your most active followers. Always remember: The main goal is to encourage their feedback and make them take action, but without posting messages which might be as dull, formal, and predictable as a sales pitch.

Discover the most important DON’TS

1. Don’t open your mouth until you think, and don’t Tweet before you Google

Not doing your homework properly will cost you. Inaccurate, unverified information is even more dangerous than a puzzling lack of content, and can easily become a source of embarrassment, potentially making your readers question your authority.

2. Don’t display a fake image to attract new followers

However tempting it might be to reinvent your brand, company, or line of products on a daily basis on social media platforms, don’t fall into this trap. Always be 110% honest with your potential clients and stick to the mission, values, and attributes that made you who you are today.

3. Don’t stop listening

If you want to enhance client loyalty by counting on effective social media marketing strategies, make sure you listen to what your customers have to say about your company and your products. Is there any room for improvement? Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your own merchandise? And most importantly, are you truly open to suggestions coming from your followers? A rigid, self-centered attitude will get you nowhere. Be sociable, constantly active, in your social media content writing, and learn how to interact with your online audience in a flawless manner if you really want to take your business to the next level.



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