3 Major Content Writing Mistakes that You Should Avoid at All Costs

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High-quality content writing has the power to put your brand, company, and/or line of products in the spotlight, enabling you to attain your most ambitious marketing goals in the long term while requiring a minimal investment. However, low-quality content will always work to your disadvantage, considerably impacting your profitability and online reputation. Let’s face it; you aren’t writing for search engines, you are creating meaningful messages for people who have different needs, desires, and expectations; and this task is usually time-consuming and challenging. Make things a little easier for yourself by avoiding some of the most obnoxious (and, unfortunately, incredibly common) content writing mistakes that could end up compromising your efforts.

1. Plagiarizing content

There’s no other way to put it: Plagiarizing is stealing. Unfortunately copy-paste strategies won’t get you very far, especially because search engines flag duplicate content and penalize sites relying on this unorthodox practice. In these cases, search engines can’t decide which version should be eliminated and ensure less relevant results, while site owners face significant losses, in terms of traffic and rankings. So basically, being 100% original is the only valid option at hand. This will also give you the chance to separate yourself from your main competitors by highlighting your unique, outstanding attributes in an entirely creative manner.

2. Making every single post sound like a dull sales pitch

Most people hate the idea of being persuaded into doing something. Moreover, they become incredibly suspicious and reluctant if and when they realize that your friendly tone, your free information, and basically every single word you use to tell a story are a part of a more or less camouflaged marketing strategy. Fortunately, it is in your power to keep your followers close. Make sure your posts aren’t as dull and predictable as a boring sales pitch. Keep in mind that every single string of words that you use on your page should be:

a)     Entertaining, in order to impress your readers and convince them to stay on your page.

b)     Informative, offering your readers the accurate details that they were looking for in the first place.

Don’t post irrelevant content just to prove that you are an active blogger/website owner. If you don’t have something pertinent to write, it is advisable to take a break. Do a little research on topics that might interest your readers, filter the information, and present it in a truly ingenious manner.

3. Writing for search engines

All business owners dream about seeing their websites ranked on the first page in search engine results. Driven by this ambitious goal, most of them disregard the fact that they aren’t actually writing for search engines. Their content writing is addressed to their readers, who always expect to find and analyze informative, engaging, and truly useful material. Don’t post chunky blocks of texts stuffed with more or less relevant keywords, as they will most likely fail to impress your followers and force them to opt for different sources of information that are less obsessed with effective SEO practices and more interested in boosting their current level of reader engagement. Be original, ingenious, adaptable, and sociable – and learn more about the real needs of your potential customers. A reader-oriented approach will get you a long way, helping you succeed where others have failed.


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