4 Vital Aspects of an SEO Press Release

seo press releaseSome businesses religiously issue press releases. Some companies may have been in existence for 10 years but never resorted to this public relations tool. Why should a company worry about an SEO press release? Here, we will outline 4 vital aspects of an SEO press release and what it does for your business.

What does a press release do for your business?

A press release is a way to communicate with journalists and the public. It keeps the market up to date with changes within the organization. It also lets journalists know about newsworthy occurrences within the company. If a journalist decides to write about your organization based on a press release your company has written, this is essentially free advertising for your business.

Companies should consider press releases as an essential part of public relations and marketing. They should create a schedule for publishing these documents online or off-line. If journalists see that you are consistently publishing information about your organization, they will routinely check back to find out what is currently happening within the company.

What does a press release do for Internet marketing?

Since companies now have the ability to publish press releases online, this form of communication has taken on an entirely new aspect for business marketing. Not only does it increase exposure of the organization, it can also help create important links for your business.

The number of incoming links that a company can create will affect its search engine ranking. Certain links have a greater impact on ranking than others do. For example, a link created by the organization from a forum post has less impact than a link created by an authority blog in that niche. Links that are created by government agencies or educational sites have more impact than sites created by other businesses. Links created from press releases also carry more weight.

When you create in SEO press release, you are allowed to include a link to a page of your website. That is an incoming link and it is established by a reputable site. This will have more impact on SERP than links you may have created going out to other forms of marketing on the web.

What does a press release do for content marketing?

Internet marketing and content marketing are not the same thing. Content marketing refers to strategies used to bring attention to specific forms of content that a company created. These are usually inbound strategies that lead individuals to a blog or specific landing page within a website.

A press release can help with content marketing in two different ways. The first way is that it will include a hyperlink to a specific page on the website and draw attention to the content. Because these links have more value, a press release will appear predominantly on a search engine results page. This can help increase the number of visits to a website than other forms of inbound marketing.

One of the main problems with creating a content marketing strategy is making sure that the company has enough valuable information on their blog. Consistently coming up with content ideas can be difficult. An SEO press release gives a blogger a valuable topic for a post. By taking the press release and restructuring it, you can use it for other forms of content on your website or in a post.

What does a press release do for market share?

There are many different types of people who search for press releases on the Internet. People who own stock in a particular business may look at press releases to learn more about the company and what is going on within the organization. Individuals who are doing research when looking for a company for a specific product or service may want to review press releases to understand more about the organization and how it contributes to the market.

Journalists and bloggers also review press releases and share that content in their own posts. When they add your company’s information to their sites they have to include a link to your press release, which includes a link to your business website. If the blogger or journalist is considered an authority in a field, other bloggers and individuals will re-post that information in those links to people they know.

One well-crafted SEO press release has the ability to increase the exposure of your company and its website more than any other form of content. It also has more potential impact than an offline press release. That is why companies should not only consider creating an optimized press release; they should also consider doing it on a regular basis.

When you post consistent press releases on the Internet, you will have multiple links back to your website that are considered important by search engine rankings and individuals. They will allow you to create a reputation that you are the market leader in your specific field. People will learn more about your organization, and journalists will be more inclined to write about your products or services. You have a better chance of having the links of your press release shared by bloggers, Internet-based new services, people on social media, and individuals who are interested in looking at your organization to purchase your products or services.

Many businesses don’t truly understand what a press release is and how it can benefit the company. This hurt the company’s public relation efforts before the creation of the SEO press release. Now that the opportunities have gone viral, the fact that businesses don’t utilize this form of content marketing can severely hurt their online rankings. If a company does not understand how and when to craft press releases for its business, it should consider hiring a subcontractor or public relations company. There are businesses that specialize in online press releases and using them to help a business create awareness for the media and the public. This is a strategy that cannot wait; companies need to consider adding SEO press releases to their contact marketing efforts today.


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