Timing is Everything: Choosing the Best Time to Write a Press Release

the best time to write a press releaseOne of the biggest problems that some businesses have is that they oversaturate their audience with exposure to their products and services. Instead of keeping themselves in the consciousness of their readers, some businesses issue press releases three or four times a week for things of little importance. This wears quickly on their customers, who either unsubscribe from their social media pages and blogs or look elsewhere for a similar product or service. In order to keep this from happening to your business, knowing when to write a press release is of vital importance. Not only will you generate excitement among your customers, by targeting them at the right time, you can gain a competitive edge and increase your profits.

Perfect Timing for Perfect Results

While you don’t want to fade from your customer’s memory by staying silent in the media, you don’t want to glut their inbox or your blog with constant press releases. One of the best times to write a press release is when it will benefit you financially. If you are lowering prices or offering big discounts, offering a new product, or announcing an extension of your products and services, these are all perfect times for you to announce them to the public through the use of media. Not only will you generate buzz about your business, but you will have the chance to make some extra money when people know that they have the opportunity to take advantage of a sale or services that they have always wanted, such as international or low-cost shipping. A press release isn’t of much use to you or your customers if they cannot react to it in a way that allows them to take action and you to make a financial gain.

Another effective time to write a press release is when your business has earned recognition through an award or accolade. If your site has been lauded by a well-known business site, such as the Better Business Bureau, letting your customers know through a press release is a great way to remind them that you’re committed to the best in customer service. Other awards, such as if your site is mentioned on a “top ten” blog, are also deserving of a press release because it provides your customers with facts about your business’ commitment to quality without having to convince them of it yourself. After all, the fact that your business has won an award or been mentioned on another major site speaks for itself, especially when you put it in a well-timed press release.

There is a fine balance that must be maintained when it comes to the timing of writing a pr. You must not overtax or saturate your audience, nor can you let your business’ name fade away in their consciousness either. By knowing the best times to write copy that will excite and motivate your customers, you are sure to grab their attention and remind them why they have chosen your particular business to meet their consumer needs and desires.


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