What to Look for in Professional Press Release Writing Services

press release writing servicesDespite the fact that the rise of the internet has changed a lot of things about how we promote our businesses, there’s one method for getting the word out that remains as effective as ever – the press release. Press releases are breaking announcements that are sent out to journalists and press outlets in order to spread  worthy news about a given company, product, service, or event. They also help prevent the spread of misinformation because of the way they provide an official source that can be referred to for confirmation if need be.

If your company or website hasn’t yet explored the benefits of issuing press releases in tandem with major announcements, then it’s high time you considered it for the impact such releases can have on your bottom line. Today’s best press release writing services can help! Here’s what to look for.

Loads of Experience

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a web content provider capable of writing great blogs or effective web pages is also going to be good at writing press releases. Press release writing requires a completely different skill set altogether, not to mention a thorough understanding of the strict standards press releases need to meet in order to be accepted by major press outlets. That said, make sure the press release writing services you’re considering come from qualified providers with plenty of experience in writing this type of content in particular. Ask to see relevant work samples, especially samples that promote  a company or product similar to your own.

A Solid Track Record

Nothing prepares you for a working experience with a given company or individual quite like the experiences of the customers who came before you. Ask the provider for references you can follow up on in regards to the effectiveness of their press release writing services and then actually make it a point to contact those people. You might ask if there’s anywhere you can go online to view testimonials from satisfied customers as well.

The Extent of the Service

Before deciding on a specific provider of press release writing services, you should make sure you’re well aware of what’s included as part of the package. Is the provider willing to provide edits and desired revisions on the press releases or do those cost extra? Do they submit finished and approved releases to press outlets on your behalf or is that part of the job up to the client to complete for himself? Some providers will include these services as part of the packages, but others won’t. Make sure you’re clear on what you’re actually getting for your money before signing on the dotted line in order to avoid disappointment.

Ability to Grow into the Future

If you think your company will have an ongoing need for expert press releases into the future, then you should perhaps considering hiring a writing team to handle them, as opposed to a sole provider. Writing teams will naturally have more individuals of varying skill sets on staff to help meet your needs. They’ll be better equipped to handle needs like rush orders, special requests, or bulk content needs as well. The best press release writing services come from providers that can really move mountains. Explore your options with today’s best writing teams today!


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