3 Ways to Find an Expert Web Copy Writer

web copy writerIf you’re a business owner who depends on the internet for help with your marketing and customer outreach campaigns, then you don’t need to be told how important solid copywriting is. After all, the quality and overall flow of your advertising copy and marketing material can literally make or break the way a potential customer views your product or service.

However, not every business mogul is a crack shot web copy writer themselves. In fact, writing effective copy is a skill that can take quite awhile to master. It takes study, practice, and an instinctual understanding of how people think that really can’t be taught. That’s why more and more businesspeople are turning to professionals for help. Here are some tips on how you can find a terrific web copy writer of your own.

1. Advertise an Open Position
Of course, one way to get in touch with a web copy writer capable of helping you make the most of your internet presence would be to simply advertise a job opening in the newspaper, on a job forum like Monster, or anywhere else those interested in work might be looking. Make sure applicants present resumes, references, and several relevant samples of their previous work in order to be considered. However, be aware that this avenue is most likely to attract people looking for full-time work and full-time employment with all the trimmings.

2. Frequent Freelance Forums
Many people in the market for a web copy writer choose to open up an account on a forum for freelancers, such as Elance or Guru in order to find qualified professionals for individual projects, and with good reason. Today’s freelancers are often just as talented and web savvy as full-time writing hires would be. However, when you hire freelance, you’re able to outsource your web copy work on an as-needed basis. This not only saves you time and money, but it offers you a great deal of flexibility as well. Post projects and let writers bid on them, or approach hand-picked candidates on your own and contact them about your project.

3. Make Contact With a Writing Team
One of the hottest and most effective ways to get yourself matched with a qualified web copy writer these days is to contact a professional writing team with the details of your project. Writing teams are often made up of many individuals, each of which has his or her own unique set of skills and strengths. Plus, all of the writers on the team will have already been prescreened and evaluated, so you’re taking less of a gamble yourself. Not needing to follow up on references or evaluate individual candidates yourself can be incredibly helpful if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

Make sure the team you’re considering has a solid reputation and some testimonials to share from other satisfied customers. Ask the team leader plenty of questions in regards to the type of person you feel would be ideal for the job you need done to help improve the likelihood of a perfect match. You just may wind up with a web copy writer (and a potential host of other professional service providers) you’d like to have a long-term relationship with as a result, so look into your options today!


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