SEO & Copywriting: 5 Trends for Spring 2013

seo copywritingFrom what we have seen so far, it looks like 2013 is going to be a pivotal year for content marketing.  Google’s major Panda and Penguin updates last year have changed the face of copywriting forever. As an effect of Google’s newest algorithm updates, low quality websites crammed with keywords have fallen in the cracks and those that provide original and valuable content have continued to grow. If you’re involved in copywriting and search engine optimization, the below trends are definitely the ones you should be following.

#1 Quality SEO copywriting with Google Authorship

Google’s ongoing campaign of championing top notch content will gain even more importance with the introduction of Author Rank this year. So, even if you are a small site, experts recommend that if you do one thing in 2013, getting your Google Authorship status should be it. This helps websites establish legitimacy of their original content and Google will use it to potentially allow these top quality sites to get a prime position in rankings.

#2 Longer and more elaborate content projects

One of the conclusions many SEO copywriters have drawn by analyzing the latest Penguin or Panda updates has to do with the length of content pieces. To get more visibility and better rankings, online articles or blog posts now have to be much longer and to present informational value.  Length is interpreted as relevance and authority and every online business that wants to rank higher for its specific services should invest in relevant content.


#3 Focus on relevant information

The average consumer will now read more about a specific market, a product or a line of services, before they decide to spend money; they will be looking at websites with a critical eye, in search for valuable information. This is your chance, as a business copywriter, to start creating work that will help businesses get an expert status in front of their potential clients.  As for the types of content pieces that are considered relevant today, these have widely grown in size and scope. The most successful online businesses will have to come up with more eBooks, white papers and longer article campaigns in order to keep up with market requirements.

#4 More multimedia and a better user experience

When the first Penguin update hit the online world last year, the first and most lasting effect was an increase in YouTube exposure. Now, YouTube gets 800 million unique hits in a month and other multimedia web resources like Infographics, Flickr or Pinterest have grown considerably. So, if you want your copywriting to stay relevant, consider combining written content with podcasts, video creation, and slides. Overall, the businesses that will manage to better integrate website usability with social media, YouTube and mobile applications will be considered the real search engine winners for 2013.

#4 Keywords are still relevant

Many were quick in declaring 2013 as the year when marketers will be losing keyword research. But keywords are not gone for good; they will just have to be used with more clarity and precision. Any dedicated SEO specialist knows that overstaffing website content with keywords equals search engine suicide these days. But key phrases are still playing a major role in determining how and where websites rank. The secret is trying to make your articles or posts more topic focused, rather than keyword oriented.

Many prophesized that SEO is dead, but they couldn’t be more wrong: search engine optimization is alive and kicking. It has just changed radically and it now operates with a different set of values. For those SEO copywriters who are playing the game after the new rules and deliver high-value content meant to engage, attract and retain customers, it looks like this is going to be a grand year!


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