SEO Landing Pages: Why They’re Huge With Google In 2012 (& 5 Bonus SEO Tips)

It’s not chance that our writers have created over 300 individual landing pages this month for client requests – 60% of our overall work load.  SEO landing pages are HUGE with Google.  A private practice recently reported that consistently creating website content was the #1 reason their practice grew in spite of today’s unfortunately low economy.  They also said that creating a consistent amount of said website content will help your business grow faster than any other marketing activity. 

That’s a bold statement to make—but it’s 100% true.  What are landing pages?  Basically, a landing page is built to get someone to a) call you after reading it b) visit your main website.  In other words, the sole purpose is to get someone to land on it, then contact you.  Separate and individual landing pages, and lots of them, will double your profits and double the return of new clients contacting you.  The more you have= the better. 

Landing pages that rank well are hosted on websites with a purchased domain, utilize around 1-4 keywords (specifically “long-tail keywords”), at most, and are 500-1,000 words of original, well-written content in length.  Long-tail keywords drill the keyword to a specific topic, narrowing your competition and increasing your changes of conversion.  For a solid landing page of content, your minimum word count should be no less than 700-800 words.

Landing pages should be created using three standard rules:

1.       Write for the audience instead of the keywords.  Well-written content will be better picked up by Google than keyword stuffed content, ever since Panda 1.0 came into existence.  Get website content writers if you don’t want to write an 800 word landing page yourself.
2.       Never, ever stop with 1—or 5.  Landing pages WILL NOT get you any return if you’re only going to post one.  Well, maybe a stray visitor or two.  If you want to get some serious traffic, a good minimum to start with is 20-50.  (We’re offering full 800 word landing pages with a minimum of 20 pages at $16 each.)
3.       Use either a blog, add new pages to your website, or create individual domain names for each landing page.  A common request we get is to write for a keyword string.  Example: wedding cake bakery Los Angeles.  This keyword gets weaved into an 800-word page which then goes on this domain:  The website owner who got the page then generally creates dozens more domains that incorporate even more focused city names with their service keywords.  These rank very well on Google for the keyword string, which is detailed enough to have very low competition and rank well inside months.  However, this doesn’t have to be the only way landing pages are hosted: they can go on a blog as individual blog posts, or as new pages on a website, in order to get the client ranked higher on Google.

Bonus SEO Tip #1: Use only one space after your periods.  For website content, one space is the new standard.  Why?  It creates less gaps and looks more professional.  However, the rule still stands to use two spaces in your print media and non-website sourced content.

Bonus SEO Tip #2: Quit using Flash.  Multiple sources online, from top-ranking SEO firms to webmaster forums and resources, are raising a valid concern: Flash should be a no-no for any website.  Why?  Google CANNOT crawl a flash website, therefore you have absolutely no chance to rank high.  Secondly, flash doesn’t work well on mobile browsers, eliminating a good bit of your clientele.

Bonus SEO Tip #3: Go mobile with your website.  Global SEO firms like SEOCognition are incorporating mobile capabilities as a standard of basic website creation.  Making sure your website can be viewed on a mobile browser is vital these days.  Multiple statistics cites 20% of all website traffic as coming from a mobile user.  Yet 2% of website owners have made sure their website is mobile.  All the content in the world won’t make a visitor stay on your site, if the interface is non-mobile on their phone.

Bonus SEO Tip #4: Did you know a squeeze page is the same thing as a landing page?  They’re all aimed at one thing—conversions.  Also, a squeeze page can be one image and a video rather than a full page of web content.  However, if you want to rank the squeeze page, you’ll need some solid content with good keyword content and professional writing.

Bonus SEO Tip #5: You SHOULD optimize for more than one keyword in a full page of content. included as one of their 8 SEO myths that utilizing one keyword only per page isn’t necessary.  Instead, go for 3-5 per page.  This is true because writing naturally about your business or services will commonly require using more than one of your keywords.

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  4. Punctuation Guru

    The rule about using two spaces after a period is not valid for print media either. It’s not about the computer screen. It’s about modern fonts. The second space just isn’t needed anymore.

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