10 Do’s & Don’ts to STOP Losing Traffic & Gain SEO Rankings This Summer

Scouring Google for updates as usual, we (very recently) came across a webmaster forum where complaint after complaint talked about a loss of website traffic from Google updates.  We’re not talking the February Panda or the June Penguin updates, but changes made just a WEEK ago by Google.  Apparently, there’s been a Panda 3.8 for summer 2012, and it has caused a lot of keyword rankings to significantly drop.  As fresh as a mere 72 hours from this email.  Sites that weren’t affected by any of the other updates, had strong white-hat SEO presence, and good SEO fundamentals, suddenly saw a loss of traffic.  And others found it harder than ever to rank.

So what’s the secret to ranking high?  There’s no reason to lose hope.  Google still exists, and your website has a chance of ranking #1 just because of that.  But you don’t want to invest time, money and effort in quality content that won’t get ranked—right?

We’ve searched across twenty different webmaster sites to bring you the best in SEO secrets.  Stop losing traffic TODAY after you read these tips!

What’s Next—Zebra?

Webmasters are getting frustrated and can’t keep up with all the changes.  They’re actually saying that Google is building a course of instability with all these updates.  True or not?  We can’t tell, but we can tell you there will always be an update (Google updates as much as ten times inside one week).  And if you’re currently on the web, you HAVE to worry about Google (it’s the #1 search engine used).  Here’s our top 5 DO’s and DO NOT’s for you to ensure a position among search engine rankings.

The 5 Do’s Of SEO for July 2012

DO build a simple website.  Tech guides are saying that you should split a lot of content into two domains.  Simple websites with a substantial amount of well written content rank much better.  Two domains = better than one.

DO use social media.  True, some of us might not enjoy having a Facebook profile.  It gets tedious logging in every day only to look at updates about who went out with who to where.  But social media is the future SEO. Web techs are saying that now is the time to register that Facebook fan page, that Twitter page, more than ever.  Too busy?  We can do it for you, starting at $10>>

DO check grammar.  Rumors have it the new updates will even pick up on spelling errors in your content!

DO backlink, but wisely.  Don’t buy 10,000 backlinks on sale.  Pick your backlinks wisely and go for a 200-500 link offer all at once.  More than 1,000 at one time just puts a red flag out for the Googlebots to swarm your site and drown it.

DO keep your websites active.  Continual blog writing updates, even if you’re going for 300 words/blog, is one of today’s most advanced SEO weapons for your website, Entrepreneur is saying.  Most SEO gurus recommend posting to your main business website daily, at least.  Your business’ new products or related industry news make great posts that Google will easily pick up.

The 5 Don’ts Of SEO for July 2012

DO NOT give link spammers a yes.  You know that Mary Smith who emails you every so often to get a link placed on your site for a link on hers?  Don’t say yes.  Chances are, it’s a spammy site that will only hurt yours with a low-ranking backlink.

DO NOT focus on your keywords.  Keywords are good, every website should have them.  Without keywords you aren’t targeting your search market.  But over-emphasis can de-rank your content.  Focus instead on very informative information (even if it contains on keyword).

DO NOT worry about length.  Word count, although long, is actually SECONDARY to informative content (Webmasters say go for 300 words of quality, time-consuming informative content, instead of 800 words filled with fluff).  This is mainly true for daily blogs. But, this leads to…

DO NOT go for short landing pages. If you’re posting a landing page, you want that page (which will be around for quite a while) at least 800 words.  Fill it with everything a visitor needs to know about  you or your company/service/product (or all of that).

DO NOT, do not, do not use automation in any way, shape or form.  100,000 automated traffic visitors heading to your website spells big trouble, although it may look like a stroke of genius for your products or visibility at the time.  Automated traffic now violates Google’s TOS.  It’s been officially banned.  So if you’re using it, you can only guess what’s coming for you…

With these tips, you’re well on your way to enhance your website presence with Google.  Don’t forget to replace that fast copy with quality website content and backlinking.

Tell us in the comments below what you’d like to see the next post about!  What interests you in SEO & Google updates?


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