Google Penguin’s New Focus: Website Content Word Count, Social Media, Backlinks & More

This Penguin isn’t cuddly.

Last Wednesday, we attended an eye-opening webinar on Google’s major updates with Internet marketer Rob Fore.  It’s incredible how much Google has changed in 2012.  Rob told us that he’s seen some of Google’s biggest updates since 1996, and this year Google actually topped all of them.  No less than three different Google algorithm changes were rolled out inside three months.  We’re not talking about beans and peas here.  These were changes that actually bankrupted many Internet marketers.  From website content copywriting to backlinking, there’s some major changes Google has made that you should know.

If you own a website, work as an Internet affiliate marketer, or simply have a business with an online presence in website content, we encourage you to spend 3-5 minutes of your time today and read the summary of what we learned from Rob Fore.  This knowledge will give you the power to change the way your website works, rank better with Google, and pull in more clients every day.

The Aftermath: What You Need To Know Today

Did you know Google updates their “algorithm” (the formula that runs their search engine) 500-600 times per year?  That’s about ten changes per week.  However, most of these are so minor you won’t even notice nor be affected.   But this year, Google decided to entirely change the way their algorithm worked!  Not just once, twice, but three times!  These changes were Google Panda 3.3, Panda 3.4, and Google Penguin.  When Panda 3.3 came out, Internet marketers who were making thousands per day from their top-ranking websites were de-ranked overnight.  The losses hit in the millions.  Anyone who wasn’t affected by the first change was certainly affected by the next two algorithm updates, Panda 3.4 and Penguin.

Rob told us during the webinar that the three main reasons for de-ranking website content (three rules that are in stone today with Google) were the following: blogs that used software to rank high, keyword stuffed content, and backlink keyword text over-optimization.

And what was ranked high to replace this poor, low quality de-ranked content? Here’s a bullet list that Rob recapped for us:

  • Quality 800 word Website Content: Your website content should be all about originality and length.  Rob is saying 800-900 words matters if you want to rank with Google.  The keyword density shouldn’t hit above 3-4%.  That’s about 30 mentions of your keywords in 2 pages of content.  Rob is saying that Google can even tell when your website content is SCRAPED –and when it’s original!  Scary, right?  Just goes to show, you can’t cheat off someone else’s paper anymore!
  • Backlinks: Backlinking in your articles are still very critical in ranking content, but here’s an interesting tidbit: not every backlink should be your actual keyword.  So if your article says, “For quality housecleaning in Atlanta” and you link always on your keyword housecleaning in Atlanta, you could get penalized.  Instead, 50% of your links should be on “click here”, and 50% on the actual keyword.
    We asked Rob, how fast should we build backlinks? This depends on the age of your site.  Do you have any pagerank?  If none, build your backlinks slower.  Slower = 100/day maximum.  2,000 backlinks can be spread out over a few months.  Don’t know your PageRank?  Check it instantly here.
  • Social Media is HUGE: Rob couldn’t have been more excited about social media. He says it’s the future world of SEO: and we believe him.  The more “shares,” the more “likes,” the more “followers” you have on your content, the better you’ll rank with Google.  We’re still not sure how their algorithm will pick this up…but no one really knows exactly how Google runs, anyway!
  • Youtube Videos: Rob is saying Youtube videos are the easiest thing to rank right now!  Have a Youtube video to promote your company?  If not, go to –lots of people will do a professional, short 40 second videos for $5.  Once you have it, backlink to your Youtube video. Google loves Google: and Youtube is now a part of Google.
  • Website Blogs: DON’T post your blog more than one category, or it will get immediately marked as duplicate by Google and will rank lower than it could otherwise.  DO use a lot of tags to describe your post.  Also, it’s not wise to submit the same article or blog to multiple sites (i.e., your blog and Ezine).

If you want to start ranking higher today, here’s two things you should do right away: 1. Get started on 1-10 pages of 800 word, quality SEO website content for your website.  2. Get a Facebook and Twitter page for your business and post to it every week: blogs, shorts, videos, etc.  Express Writers offers both website content copywriting and social media page setup services!  Get it all at Express Writers –your one stop shop.



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12 responses to “Google Penguin’s New Focus: Website Content Word Count, Social Media, Backlinks & More

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  2. Ken

    Good stuff. Learned a bunch. Thanks.

  3. Certainly, the bar to content has been raised! Thanks for the tips!

  4. I’m still a beginner, and still so much to learn, you share a nice review, learn so much from it. Thanks

  5. Are backlinks from blogs that you create like good backlinks or are they seen as black hat in Googles eyes?

  6. Backlinks per day 100 is mentioned in this article but from where to get 100 per day, Google is very strict and even 10 backlinks are tough to generate

  7. good seo tools google count words

  8. 100/day? isnt that too much?

    • You are correct. A year ago, prior to Google Panda/Penguin, the more backlinks usually equaled out to the better. Nowadays, backlinks should be done manually, with quality over quantity. 100/2 weeks would be a more realistic method.

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