4 SEO Must-Reads: Why You MUST Join Google Plus, Google Panda’s Replacement Penguin, & More


He’s only scary if you’ve avoided quality website content.

SEO MUST-Read #1: Google Plus Matters.   Could your Google Plus account potentially be the key to achieving better traffic and a preferred placement with Google?  Harvard Professor Ben Edelman has some very interesting comments to say regarding Google Plus—comments that have created a buzz in the blogosphere.  Even CNET’S SEO blogger, Larry Dignan, had a featured post about what Professor Edelman had to say.  What was his comment?  “I perceived that Google would grant my site preferred placement–more algorithmic traffic–if I linked my Google Plus account to my web site and online publications.”  By embedding Google + into their search results, Google is not only getting their alternative to Facebook noticed: they’re saying you have to join if you want better search results.  It’s time to join Google Plus – not because it’s a fun new social media site, but because it’s necessary for better website rankings.

SEO MUST-Read #2: It’s Google Penguin time.  Out with the Panda…in with the Penguin.  (It’s a pattern…Google must really like those black and white animals.)  Our last few newsletters centered on Google Panda 2.5.  Just a few days ago (in early May), we discovered that Google had released a newer algorithm change, which included over 50 changes to the way their search engine works, and they’re calling this the Penguin update.  However, the Penguin changes haven’t been fully applied to the powers of the search engine yet, and we’re not sure when it will happen.  But if you want to know the full list of changes Google came out with in April, you can read it here (prepare for a huge list in small black and white font).

SEO MUST-Read #3: Backlinking is outdated.  That’s correct: link juice isn’t so big anymore.  Doesn’t mean you should drop the locals you’ve hired and quit all your backlinking efforts!  No, PageRank still matters.  But Google is simply getting smarter.  Your PageRank doesn’t go up overnight just by backlinking alone.  It used to bewhen search engines saw that a thousand links were pointing to your website, they automatically assumed your website was important and ranked it high.  Now, Google is getting smarter.

SEO MUST-Read #4: Re-strategize around SEO content.  Google’s new frown on link placement will definitely hurt a lot of businesses, who get their customers from the links they’ve placed (and not using the talents of a native Indian, but through a lot of costly time and work).  Link placement is the life juice to a small business with a web presence.  So what can small businesses do to recover?  “Re-strategize your SEO around quality content,” CNBC experts are saying.  You need as much content as you can.  And it doesn’t have to be all hosted on your website, either: you can publish content through social media (Facebook posts, twitter, Youtube), press releases, guest blogs, and much more.   Don’t forget…Express Writers can create any kind of web content you’re looking for!



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9 responses to “4 SEO Must-Reads: Why You MUST Join Google Plus, Google Panda’s Replacement Penguin, & More

  1. onlineghostwriterforhire

    This is great advice for website promotion, as usual! Bravo!

  2. vani

    What’s with all the native Indian talk? Indian SEOs actually do a lot more than placing poor quality backlinks. Not only does your post lack accurate information, it’s extremely offensive.

    For one, backlinking is not outdated, its overusing the same anchor text. What use would any guest blog or post be, if it weren’t for a link placed leading back to your site? I could write an entire thesis on SEO, but if I don’t tell my readers who I am and what business I am in, what benefit will I get from the post?

    Really! Broaden your outlook and please avoid making general comments about the services offered by people of a certain country. It only shows you in very poor light.

    • Thanks for your enlightening judgment there. We’ve edited the offending sentence.

      • vani

        Thank you Julia. Btw, I am a native Indian and my services involve a lot of work and cost quite a bit:) Just commenting upon another generalization you seem to have left in there.

    • I myself have had some terrible run-ins with these contractors, and what was sad in the blog post was not unfounded by any means. It’s a disputable subject. This post was in no way offensive. PS Your second paragraph makes no sense. What you have described, is not what backlinking is.

      • vani

        “Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.[1]”

        This is from wikipedia. A backlink is any linking back to your site. That’s exactly what I have said in my last paragraph. I think you should first check facts before posting replies.

        Second, disreputable service providers exist in every country, including I am sure your own. I am sure you would not like very much if I were make a generalized statement about people from your country. That is what I found offensive and I think your reply is in the same vein.

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