5 Secrets For A Successful Website In 2012: Google Panda 3.0 and Other Things

When Google announced changes to their search engine that were eventually known as “Panda” last February, thousands of website pages crashed.  People lost 60-100% of their income.  The changes were so serious that webmasters, site owners, internet business gurus, and even internet writers faced a decision: change their thinking on SEO, or get a new job.

In 2012, Google will be implementing more Panda changes.  There’s a Panda 3 on the horizon.  And for your website to succeed this year, it’s time you get familiar with the changes.
We’ve listed the top five changes for SEO that Google is focusing on this year, after scouring the web and pages of tech guru advice.

2012 SEO SECRET #1: Less keyword focus, more information.  This might be the only secret here that comes as a surprise.  Keyword research has always been huge for people.  But today, it’s the article with the most information instead of the article with the most keyword density, in Google (and Panda’s) eyes.  If your website has too many articles that are focused on keywords alone, it’s time to rewrite the content – if you want to rank high in 2012.  Content is still king, but this year, you should switch focus from keywords to providing information in every article.  Experts are saying that the keyword density you include should actually be LESS than 2-3 keywords per article…and the focus should be on alternate keywords, and the subject itself.  Example: If you are writing about “auto insurance,” Google won’t pick up your website if you have 100 500-word articles on the subject with 10-20 appearances of the keyword.  Use the keyword twice and then use “vehicle insurance, motorists’ insurance,” etc.  Stuck on synonyms?  This is where a seasoned writer comes in handy!

2012 SEO SECRET #2: Improve usability for all users – mobile phone, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Android…you name it.  2012 is going to be another year of serious web-surfing electronic users.  And they’re going to be accessing your website from a myriad of devices.  You might have your website pruned and ready for Apple iPhones: but have you included Android?  Make sure your webmaster is updating your website’s scripts, usability and layout so that everyone on any device will be able to access it.  Your content matters too.  Make sure you have content that’s easy to read, not bogged down with too much information, and can be scrolled through in a flick of a finger.

2012 SEO SECRET #3: Blog more, socialize your blogging more.  Tech and SEO experts are saying that Google Panda puts a lot of weight on how much blogging AND social media you’re using.  Do both more, and you rank higher with Google.  Are you updating every blog you (or your writer) post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+?  Hootsuite is a free handy tool that allows you to send out a universal post instantly to all your social media profiles.

2012 SEO SECRET #4: Google wants at least 400 words.  If you’re familar with Ezine articles, you know that they won’t accept any article below 400 words in length. There’s a reason: Google doesn’t want less, either.  Make sure you or your writers are shooting for 350-400 words in every website page or blog.  Rank higher by simply adding more content to what you have or additional pages to your website.

2012 SEO SECRET #5: Absolutely NO article spinning, farming, or copying. Google is not tolerating any of this for 2012.  Countless websites were penalized for this when Google Panda 2.5 came out in the latter half of 2011.  Get rid of your article spinning software, and if you’re not sure what “farming” means, keep it that way.  This is the biggest thing about website content if you want your website to succeed – make sure, above all, you (or your writers) are using 100% original content (and lots of it).

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5 responses to “5 Secrets For A Successful Website In 2012: Google Panda 3.0 and Other Things

  1. Lisa

    Thanks for the info, I fid not realize the importance of a 400 word count. I had been more in the 300-350 count. Also on the keyword density I am glad- writing will be more natural. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Rob

    Very interesting, but how my readers and Google know what I am talking about if I only write 2 or 3 words for 400 words lenght ? If you reapeat insurance since you do not a lot, it is good or not ? It is still reapeating, no ? A very populair site only put the addresses of restaurants with no texts and they still rank really hight. Keep up the good job and Happy New Year.

    • Strictly speaking, Google won’t come down on you unless the keyword amount is greater than 3%: and a 3% density for 400 words would be 12 or less keywords. We’ve suggested using 2-3 keywords and then alternate keywords because this is the best way to go to succeed if you’re building a new website or updating your old to face Panda. And, notice we’ve said “auto insurance..” not “insurance.” If insurance is your topic, you’re going to need that word mentioned a lot! But a keyword would be something more narrowed down – like “motorist insurance,” etc. And you want to use alternate forms of those. Websites are still ranking high who really haven’t followed all the Panda rules because of a myriad of reasons: they have a high Google pagerank and a long existence, they have a consistent incoming number of daily visitors, and/or competition may be lower than average. Happy new year to you too!

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