How To Use Google’s New SEO Rules To Your Benefit

Be very, very glad if you weren’t taught the whole auto blogging or scraping process.  That is, if you live in today’s present age of technology.  Because if you were, you just might be out of a living right now.  Back in the golden age of early Internet (sure, not so golden, it was the late 1990s); the whole auto blogging/scraping process may have worked.  There were hundreds upon thousands of websites filled with old stuff.  Website content copied from someone else.  Sites like these made money.  Life was good for the site owners.


Google has just announced changes to their “algorithm” – the formula that powers their search engine – and it’s entirely cutting out some search results that don’t meet criteria.  All things come to an end; and the trash flow of duplicate website content in Google’s result pages has come to an abrupt halt.  The money making machines of many website owners, those pages and pages of copied and pasted website content, have come to a creaking stop.  Google has had enough, and their recent rules (we’re talking as recent as August 2011) are cracking down on all unoriginal content.


A recent post in Google Webmaster about duplicate content says it all: when website content gets deliberately duplicated across domains in attempts to win more traffic and get higher in search results, Google may remove that site entirely from their index.  In other words, copy someone else’s content on purpose and the next time you wake up, your site could be wiped off search results entirely.


The new rules on duplicate content are devastation for those who have been making a living off of doing these types of deceptive doings.  But, these new rules will work to the benefit of the company owner who wants to offer their consumer a genuine experience.  Quality, original website content with a non-forced keyword density that offers real information is now and will be ranking higher in Google.


Think about it.  How do you want to represent your company?  It might save money to copy what appears to be in the public domain.  But in the long run, it could wipe your business off the Internet search map.  Remember also that your website is an entire representation of your company.  If you have the means to get the quality website content that will reflect the true message of your company, then by all means do so.


Duplicate content on any site isn’t a standalone reason for Google to crackdown on that site.  Google is getting smarter with technology, and they can realize when duplicate content has been copied with deceptive reasons in mind.  If a website owner decides to go this route, these new rules could completely erase their website.  But if someone wants to create 100% original and high quality website content for their website, they have a real chance at success with these new rules: it’s easier than ever for a website with this caliber to rank high in Google.


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4 responses to “How To Use Google’s New SEO Rules To Your Benefit

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  2. well each SEO have different plans and strategies i will recommend just follow what google says update yourself with latest updates and strategies watch what google discourage back to this article simply informative for me thanks.

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