Top 2 Ways To Make Your Web Content Stand Out From the Crowd

web-contentThere’s millions and millions of matching pages for any single given search term that you type in Google.  And for many webmasters and site owners, a problem that they’ve been working to solve is how to actually stand out and get noticed in a sea of matching or similar web content.  Although you might be on page one or two of the top search results, you can still get completely overlooked if you have nothing to offer the viewer.  If your website is a generic one that is similar to everyone else’s, you don’t have a real chance of leading any competition.


So, how do you stand out in the middle of pages and pages of web content?  There are several answers.  Here are the top two ways to get the edge above the rest of the competition right beside you.


Vary your titles for each page.  Under the <header> tag of your website’s html files, you have the title tag.  Inside this tag is the wording that the visitor sees on the top of their internet, Firefox, or Chrome tab.  For instance, Google reads simply Google; Ezine Articles reads, “EzineArticles Submission – Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints”.  (Yes, I had no idea their title was that long till I stopped and typed it all out right now.)  Now, a long title like Ezine has is a very good marketing ploy.  Clicking on any of their categories instantly changes that title to the category name, and then from there you can click on articles and it will change to the article name.


Having a title that is different for each page can even be your “call of action” to the reader.  Ezine Articles has done this very well.  Their title catches your eye and makes you want to learn more about that “massive exposure” promise!


So, head to your website’s html files and change the name of each of your page’s titles.  It only takes a few minutes to actually do, but make sure you sit down and think of the perfect page titles that will reflect the page content individually and put a call of action out there to your readers.


Create a Favicon.  You know that neat little picture of a “G” that appears when you have Google in your browser?  It’s on the left side of your URL bar.  That’s called a favicon, and if you want to stand out from your competition, a favicon is a great tool to do this with.  Favicons can be simple to create either through software or, if you’re handy with graphics, through a simple paint drawing.


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