The Crackdown On Duplicate or Spam Web Content

It used to be that anything went when it came to web content.  No matter what you scribbled and pasted together, you could post it online, and if you had keywords in it, it would eventually get picked up and indexed somewhere near the top by Google.  You could even post 300 words of 100% spam on places like Ezine or GoArticles.


Not so these days.  Google also has started to index sites that are only high in quality.  Anything less is penalized and could miss the search engine mogul’s indexing entirely.  Duplicate content is heavily cracked down on nowadays.  When you post something online, you absolutely cannot post it twice.  This may seem a little unfair, especially if you consider the everyday things like news that gets shown around the world not once, not twice, but hundreds of times.  Plus, Google is also pulling up results that are no more centering around the keyword.  Some web gurus have noticed that Google will only index articles that have around 1,000 words.  This is not 100% true, you can still get indexed for less; but more and more, anything that has spam or duplicacy is not getting favored by any search engine.


With factors like these to consider when creating your web content, it might be a little more difficult to rank as high as you want unless you have serious quality in all your content.  But what happens when someone steals your content and duplicates it?  Or if you unknowingly post something that is duplicate?  Here are a few of the best routes you can take to avoid the problems of getting marked as spam or duplicate on web content.


When creating your web content, understand keyword density and gear towards your reader.  A web content writer or a team of professional web copywriters can offer you the assistance you need here, if you’re not sure how to proceed.  You do need keywords, and it is important to SEO your content; but you must also gear it towards your reader.


Avoid spam and duplicacy by using available software and websites. is the number one way that content editors use to check all web content before it gets posted online.  Grammarly is a great tool that tells you what the faults in your web content are, and how to correct them: even to the smallest errors.  Tools like these can make your life a lot easier.


For great web content, stop by Express Writers today!


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