What is Keyword Density? Why Is It So Important When Using SEO Writing Services?

writing servicesKeyword density is a very important part of SEO writing services, and it’s found in articles and blogs.  To better know how it works, let’s start with the basics.  First, SEO is the general term for search engine optimization.  It’s the process of optimizing your website to attract more traffic and build up a higher search engine ranking.  SEO activities can range from building links that are posted in forums, blog comments, or social media and lead back to your site, or creating articles and blogs using writing services that will create content that is search-engine optimized with the correct “keyword density.”


So now you know where keyword density fits in, but what actually is it?  Keyword density is the jargon in SEO for the amount of times, in a tangible number, that your keyword appears in an article, blog, or page.


Example.  You have a web page with 200 words.  This includes the headlines, subtitles, and everything in that content.  If your keyword can be found in those words 6 times, you have a keyword density of 3%.  Here’s a formula to guide you in figuring this out for any amount of content.  Your keyword density is the # of keywords divided by the total number of words on the page, multiplied by 100.


Rules for Keyword Density

Here’s a hard rule I’ve found that applies to just about any kind of web content created by SEO writing services that has a keyword density.  Anything less than 2% density is too little; anything over 4% is too much. Why is this?  The search engines need to be able to find your content, and you want to make your “keyword” an actual keyword (which it won’t be if search engines can’t pick it up).  But you don’t want to “spam” your content with an overuse of keywords, either.  And for most articles and blogs, that starts after 4%.


Fitting in Keyword Density

Say for instance your business was a software company.  You’d want things like “software,” “programs”, or the names of specific software you sell as your keywords.  This is because someone typing in “software” into Google’s search box would be able to come across your content.  So, you assemble a keyword list.  You hand it to the writing services you’ve hired.  They take each keyword and create an article around it.  You now have website content that the search engine can actually pick up.   And because you chose quality writing services, it’s still readable and attractive for humans.


Did you notice this article was built around “writing services?”  I know… I’ve just told the secret.  Putting the SEO term in at the correct density means placing the keyword the correct number of times in the article, press release, or blog.  You don’t want to put it in there too much: anything that has more than 5 to 6 keywords in 400 words will be refused by major article directories like Ezine.  But you need it at the right amount.  This is where quality SEO writing services (yes, I’m promoting unashamedly now) fits in.  Like Express Writers.



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