SEO Copywriting: How To Optimize Your Copywritten Content for Web

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions that go like this: “Can you write a homepage for me with a copywriting flair?  But can you also include keywords?” 

The answer is yes, it can be done.  But it takes a fair amount of skill and the ability to balance the equation between SEO (search engine optimized) keywords and still maintain a copywriting style.  Here are some of the main guidelines you need to know for copywriting with a sense of SEO.


Know & Assess Your Keywords             

The first step here is to actually find your keywords and assemble them for your content for web.  Unless you have already found out what your best keywords are, the quick way to do this is to go to Google’s keyword tool and type in the keywords that describe your company and services the best.  Google’s Keyword Adword Tool is one of the most used tools for finding keywords to create SEO content for web.


Once you type in the general keywords you want to go for, pick out the keywords that have the highest amount of traffic and the lowest competition.  Assemble the best of the keywords from these choices together, and you’ll be ready to create your SEO copywritten content for web.


Know & Assess Your Content

Finding your keywords is only half your battle.  Now you have to use them in your content for web in a way that will read with copywriting flair.  You don’t just want the robots to visit your content, but you want real human visitors to stay on your website when they read your content.  This can lead to sales if you’re a business or company.


To get the right content, it’s important to:

  • Have a factual list of all your goals and what you plan to accomplish as a company
  • Realize the right market and demographics your website would be the most relevant to
  • Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and ask yourself what you would want to know from your website


If you’re not sure how to copy write, your best chance is at finding someone who can do it for you or choosing a company and business that can write and publish all the content you need.  Persons rather than businesses are usually lower in rates, but sometimes you have to pick and choose to find the right quality.  Ask to see samples of past work before you actually hire.


Check out our team at Express Writers for great content for web that’s both search engine optimized and copywritten.




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