6 Reasons Why It Pays To Get A Web Content Writer


Don't be left in frustration with underpaid web content writers.

Notice how you end up on Wikipedia anytime you’re searching something?  Wikipedia is merely a source of information available for public editing.  It doesn’t count in a history report.  Your teacher won’t say it’s a reliable reference.  People aren’t going to take you seriously if you quote it.  But if you’re looking for information on payday loans, or some topic in a slightly less well known niche, you aren’t going to locate what you need right away.  In fact, you may be better off with Wikipedia content than what is on some websites you’ll find.

That’s because more and more the internet is just a place to pile web content.  No matter who wrote it; no matter what it looks like; it gets posted online, and anything goes.  Marketers are starting to buy into this, and spend way less money than normal to get content and post it.  As long as it’s SEO optimized, they think it’s suitable.

This could not be more wrong.  And, times are changing.  People aren’t going to hire you if you just put some slapstick writing up on your website.  When you need to outsource your web content: hire someone who can work a bit of savvy creativity into it.  Don’t scrape pennies.  It really does pay more in the long run to pay a little more at the outset.

Here’s 6 reasons why it pays to hire a web content writer:

  1. Google is improving.  That’s right.  They’re not totally content centered and SEO keyword focused anymore.  Google is more and more recognizing natural, organic content and putting it first, rather than that which doesn’t add any value to their search results.
  2. Timeliness.  If you pay .50 or $5 per article, don’t expect to get it on time.  Don’t expect to hear back from them till a week later.  Solid writers who charge current market writing rates can present you with a deadline and fulfill it.
  3. Good quality writers feel underpaid.  Eventually, you’ll come across a good writer.  A writing company owner began working for $3 per article; today, she owns a company and gets nothing less than $15-$20.  A novice won’t know market rates, and you can take advantage of them.  But eventually they’ll realize and you’ll be left without a writer (or with a very upset one).
  4. Time loss.  You will have to proofread; you will always have to edit; and you will have to check for duplicity.  That’s a lot of time spent for just one article.
  5. Your readers.  Who are you having this written for?  The spiders? The robots?  Or potential clients and customers?  Remember your audience.  They are not going to waste time reading penny pinched author output.
  6. Native English speakers.  Here’s a big problem.  You’ll be hiring low rate writers only to find out that they really don’t know how fluent English is written.  That’s one of the biggest problems with hiring underpaid writers.

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  2. Pingback: Words on a page » Blog Archive » A few links for the end of the week - A blog about writing, in its various forms

  3. Investing in quality content will also improve your conversion rates!

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