What Is A Website Writer?

website-writerA website writer is definitely an investment if you are building a website, manage a number of websites, or need maintenance on your website.  But just what all is involved in their work?  What’s a website writer really going to do for your site?


If you’re getting ready to launch a website, there two things to focus on: your content, and your content.  Why did I repeat that twice?  Well, there are two viewpoints.  First, you need to have your content cater to your visitor.  Next, you need to have your content cater to the search engine “spiders.”  Both of these viewpoints are taken by an experienced website writer.  Here’s more detail on the facts.


1. A website writer will convey the right message to the reader.  Even more important than just attracting the spiders from Google are keeping your visitor on your page.  That’s right.  Not much more than 20% of what’s on your page is actually read or skimmed over.  You want those first words to be compelling.  You want to keep them there.  You didn’t build your website for them to close right away, did you?  A website writer simply knows how to write well, and convey the essence of your website’s message in such a way as that it’s interesting, fun to read, and capable of keeping your visitors on your page.


2. A website writer knows how to convince the crawlers.  Not like creepy crawly but rather like robotic spider crawly.  We’re talking about Google here.  Your website writer will know how to put the keyword in your website content just at the right density so that those robotic Google spiders will actually be able to pick up the website content when someone searches.  So if you’re writing content for Gloria’s salon company in L.A., you want to put “salon company L.A.” in that content at the right density.


Here’s where it gets tough, and where a website writer is needed to create the ultimatum: not obliterating rule #1 with rule #2.  Your website writer should be able to convey the message to your visitor and keep the Google search phrase in there still.  You want it readable, not keyword stuffed.  That’s where the website writer can save you time and hassle.  They know just how to create this balance and do it successfully.


All in all, if you’re on the hunt for a website writer, you’re looking for a content writer.  Now that you know just what they do, check out our team at Express Writers, where we promise you high quality website writer abilities and outcomes at affordable rates.






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