The Do’s & Don’ts of Writing for the Web

Once upon a time belongs in a story...not your website content.

Anyone can publish what they write on the web.  But not everyone can use the right style in writing for the web.  If you are writing for the web on your own website, you’ll need to know what a landing page is; the right style to write in; and how to make your content stand out from the crowd.  Here’s the do’s and don’ts of writing for the web, simplified.


What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is that homepage you hit right when you click on a website.  This is especially true of a pay-per-click ad.  When the visitor clicks that paid ad, they’re directed immediately to your link and a “landing page.”  It’s simply the first page they land on.  Did you know you have just a few seconds to attract and hold their attention before they click the x on your page?  You probably did.  But do you know how to keep them on your landing page?  Here’s a few do’s:

  • Remember the two whats, the who and the why.  What are you giving the viewer?  Who are you wanting to attract?  Why would they need what you offer?  What do they need to do to buy or participate?  Writing for the web will get a lot easier when you design your landing page according to that structure.
  • Stay with short sentences and compelling bits of paragraphs.  Put a video on the home page.  Not everyone has the time (or even wants) to read through a whole page of tiny font.
  • Keep them wanting more.  Don’t give the viewer everything right away.  Make them want to go to the Services or Purchase page.

Here’s a few don’ts:

  • Don’t make just one page the landing page.  Make EVERY page on your website a “home” page.  What would happen if a new visitor landed there?  Make every page as simple, easy to read, and convincing as the first home page.
  • Don’t stay away from questions.  You should be saying things like, “Are you tired of paying too much money for high quality dog food?”


The “Call To Action”

This could possibly be the most important part of your entire landing page.  The call to action is what can make you not only stand out from the rest of the people who might be offering the same services, but if rightly done, will encourage your visitor to buy.  Put this towards the top of the landing page, and then sprinkle them throughout.  (If you’re doing an article, it only goes at the end.  Not for writing for the web itself.)  Tell them WHY they should purchase today…not just that they should purchase today.  Let them know the benefits you particularly can offer.  What makes you stand out?  There’s definitely something you can offer that no one else can.




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