How to Hire Writers

Hiring is always a process that requires some precise, careful thought on the employer’s part.  When it comes to hiring writers, this process gets more difficult.  Why?  Most of the time, the writers aren’t even located in your country, making it much harder for a direct one-on-one interview where you can learn all about them.  Secondly, you may need more than one writer and will be hiring a group of writers.  You need to basically interview the manager and have no idea how the writers you’ll be actually hiring will do.


There are some things you can do to simplify the process ahead, though.  First, here’s what to consider when hiring a team of writers versus hiring single writers:

  • They can get your bulk work done.
  • They can work together as a dedicated team to get your content done on time.
  • As your work expands, their capacity is always there.  The more work, the better.  The less, that’s fine too.
  • The diversity of work that a team of writers can do for you is much more than a single writer.  For instance, if you need writing of your projects; translation into Spanish afterwards; and then some copy written website content, one team of writers can handle all this.  You won’t be scattered around with different writers.


Now, here’s how to simplify the difficult process of actually narrowing your decisions and choices down.  How can you hire writers?  How do you know that the writers you’ve hired will be effective at their work?


Request a free quote and see how quickly they respond.  Not only will you get an idea of their prices, you’ll get an idea firsthand of just how effectively they work.  If it takes them over 2-3 days to get back to you, they’re too busy to concentrate on your work as effectively as another team could.  Usually, writers will answer back within several hours.  That’s because they’re always at the computer or with a messaging enabled cell phone.  Remember, It’s their full time job.  Next, ask for the best time to call, or call during normal business hours.  Once again, timeliness applies here.  If the group you’ve chosen take a while to answer or you can’t get a hold of someone after two missed calls over a couple days, let them go.  Once you have them on the phone, here are the key questions to ask:

  • Tell them exactly what you need, and ask what they can do for you.  It’s very important to be perfectly clear with what you need.
  • Ask for prices.  If you’re going to need a lot of work done, ask for bulk rates which are usually lower than the normal rates.
  • Ask for their experience level.  You certainly don’t want a brand new, novice team if the content you need is either copy write level or highly professional level.


Never, ever base a decision on price alone!  If you want $5/page prices, you’re going to have to expect some plagiarized, very low quality materials.  Go for the best team of writers who have the experience and quality level you need at a manageable price.


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