Finding Writers: Who, What, Where & When

If you’re on the lookout for writing services from reliable and professional writers, there’s definitely enough out there to overwhelm you.  You could choose a writer from India who charges dimes and nickels; a professional copywriter that charges hundreds per piece; or a freelancer with minimum experience that charges before he writes for you.

So, who or what writers to trust?  Where and when can you find writers?  And once again, who (or what) to trust?

1. The Freelancer Writers.  As a former freelancer myself, I must say that this is a good choice…if you know how to choose it, when to choose it, and who to choose.  First of all, a freelance writer can offer you local help.  Sit down in a café and discuss the editing you need on your dissertation.  Or meet up and have the local freelancer transcribe an important interview.  Freelancers also work one-on-one with you to get what you need.  The only warning here is to beware of who the freelancer is, where they come from, and when you’re contacting them.  If they’re a total novice with absolutely no feedback and they want upfront money…run far away.  If they’re from anywhere in the far East, don’t count it against them…but just make sure they know enough English to at least spell correctly.  If they have a ton of work at the moment, you might have to find a second option.

2. Writers’ Teams.  Writing companies, writing services, and writing firms all offer you one big advantage:  Fast quality, well done.  That is, if you find the right one.  There are many writing services that are competing for your advantages.  This means that the prices remain stable and competent, while you get to order as much bulk work as needed to fill up your website with content or maintain a steady blog.  There’s just a few things to look for here.  Make sure the guarantee is good.  If they don’t offer free revisions, you might have to do half the writing yourself.  If they can’t offer you samples or send you a bill before you get a whiff of what’s coming…run away.  If they don’t answer your initial response for a quote within 24 hours, keep looking.  Lastly, look for experience.  Make sure all team members are qualified and competent.

Help from experienced, accomplished writers is right around the corner.  Use these simple tips to get the help you need and enjoy some great results from your choice of writers.


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