What Is A Copywriter?

Uninspiring…lackluster…dull…that’s what it sounds like when you DON’T have a copywriter for your website content.  However, when you have the right copywriter to promote your services, website, organization, or product—customers will WANT what you have, simply because of what they’re reading.

A copywriter, generally speaking, is someone who writes copy or text commissioned by other businesses to promote what those businesses are selling or offering.  It’s usually in the form of a press release, brochure, or other form of advertisement.  Website content, commercial emails, and newsletters can also be part of the copywriter’s work.

Copywriting, for those who aren’t specifically trained in the art, can be a time consuming process.  For the business owner, taking the time to create and copy write their own materials, whether for web content or for newsletters, isn’t practical.  In the long run, a business owner will benefit the most from a copywriter’s services.  Imagine gaining more clients and expanding profits in the long run.  This is the bonus of hiring a copywriter, rather than writing it yourself…if you are inexperienced at it.

In many successful advertisements, articles, and web content, there’s something that’s known as a “call to action.”  A copywriter can professionally weave this where it would be legible and impressive.  If you write the website content yourself without this vital clause, you could miss out on your biggest profits.  The “call to action” is a segment usually as a “reference” part of an article or as an ending paragraph of website content that goads the reader to go further.

Imagine, for example, you were selling an ebook on how to create beautiful woodworking.  You set up a website, and write the content yourself rather than pay a copywriter.  You create the whole content as “Buy my product!”  “Here’s why!”  “Free offer included!”  Then at the end, another repetitious “Buy Now” with your payment link.  What’s the problem there?  Your entire content reads like an advertisement.  Most likely, visitors will turn away after reading the first paragraph.

A copywriter, on the other hand, can approach it more skillfully.  They can open it with a clause that “pulls in” the reader and offers the right bait—“Have you always wanted to learn how to build beautiful works of art from wood?  Do you enjoy woodworking…but aren’t at that master level yet?”  The reader, probably someone drawn in a relevant ad that applies to them, is already interested in woodworking.  Now you have their attention.  They want to learn how to do this.  They read all about the benefits of what you offer..and then the call to action hits them at the bottom.  They can’t refuse and buy your product.

Plant the seeds of good sales copy, website content, or professional article writing…and watch your profits grow.


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