3 Easy Steps To Design Your Own Content For Web

Designing your own content for web doesn't have to be this hard.

Who would eat an Oreo cookie and leave that soft white filling behind?  Honestly, I think it would taste pretty flat.

Similarly, if you were to overlook the content of your website, it’s like leaving that white filling untouched.  Overlooking content for web in your website is like overlooking the key foundation of your site itself.  Content, whether it’s your headline content for web or your thumbnail image’s name, is the king of the search engine spiders.  Your content for web shouldn’t be an afterthought, or something to fill in the white spaces in your blank html pages.  Sure, multimedia might have a sovereign spot as well, but that vital content for web inside your website is still holding the supreme position.

Now that you know just how important your content for web really is, you might be wondering just how to get that content.  Perhaps you’re not a writer at all.  When you think of writing your own content for web, you might not even know where to start.

Let’s say for example you were going to write 400 words, content for web, on “Why Happy Kitten Food is the best kitten food.”  Here’s the 3 key methods I use to assemble the outline I need to get started immediately:

  1. Realize what the title is saying.  It’s as simple as that.  Look at this title.  What do you know you immediately need?  A list of benefits and features to answer the “why” question, right?  This is your core piece, the heart of the web content for this topic.  The minute you know you need a list of benefits and reasons to fit the title, head on to:
  2. Research.  The internet is your best friend when it comes to creating content for web.  Type in the name of the item “Happy Kitten Food” and “features” or “benefits”.  You’ll more than likely come across Happy Kitten Food’s website and find a whole stock of benefits and features that can fill up your need for content for web.
  3. Rethink and rewrite.  You haven’t found your content for web yet from #2; you’ve just found the solvent for your need to get this particular content for web.  Now, you need to look at what you’ve found from your research, rethink it a little bit, and rewrite it.  For example.  “Happy Kitten transforms your pet into a playful, energetic kitten with a rich source of nutrients approved for pet health.”  From this, you now know that Happy Kitten food makes your kitten: energetic, healthy, and it is safe.  See how the need is filled?  Now, just rethink and rewrite.  “Happy Kitten’s brand of safe, FDA approved cat food promises to provide your cat with daily energy and the nutrients it needs for optimum health.”  That was easy, wasn’t it?

When you’re creating content for web, whether it’s for someone else or yourself, it’s important to allow your own creativity and imagination to help you out.  Sometimes you might not feel it’s there.  When that happens, take a break and refresh yourself.  It’s no use working if you feel burnt out.

With these tips, create the best content for web you can think of…remember to simply think, research, rethink, and rewrite!


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